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moderate group that supports separate church and state--largest Shiite group
3 examples of Muslim-Americans involved in society
PTA, elections, pro-family
Per Capita Income
income per person
places of worship
group pushing Westerners & Israelis out of Lebanon--backed by Iran, violent
holy warriors that earned praise for fighting Russians in Afghanistan
Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, group cut production, fair prices, eventually countries got control back, caused energy crisis in West
3 Reasons For Conflict In Middle East
economy in nature-->oil-rich countries
traditional ways vs. new ways
clash between Christian/Jewish vs. Muslims
Islamic Resurgance
Muslim leaders wanting to back to Islamic ways
Major impact of 9/11 on US
hatred from other people brought to home soil
Lebanon Civil War
Muslim (arab states) vs. Christians (israel/us) , Lebanon destroyed, thousands killed
Camp David Accords
Egypt recognized Israel's right to exist, Israel returned Sinai Peninsula, ended hostile years between Egypt and Israel
religious & political leaders of Iran during 1980s -->father of Islamic Fundamentalism
Causes of Iran/Iraq War
tension between Shiite and Sunni
to remove Saddam Hussein
Hardest thing for US to understand about 9/11
why they hate us so much
both political & religious leader
Bin Ladens reasons for anger at US
we sided with Iran, he's loyal to Iraq
separation of church and state--Western idea
pilgramage to the shrine in Mecca once in a lifetime (5th Pillar)
What is the view of many Muslims toward Secularism.
rejected it 'cause they thought church and state should be together--few leaders favor it cause of Islamic resurgance
one who chooses to die rather than give up a cause
List some teachings of the Islamic relgion.
stories of earlier prophets, no stealing, strict religion, no senseless violence
holy war-- each person's inner struggle against evil tendencies
Islamic Jihad
resurgence group blamed for much violence & murder of Anwar Sadat
3 examples of Islam conflicting with US culture
leaving jobs for afternoon prayer, prohibition on lending money w/ interest when buying homes and cars
Palestine Liberation Organization, led by Yasir Arafat, wanted to eliminate Israel and create independent Palestine, used terrorism
importnace of understanding Shiite views
better chance of dealing w/ them
What is the Muslim view of Israel and why?
Hatred because they brought Western ideas and have Arab land
How do Muslims and Christians differ in their view of politics and religion?
Christians believe in separate church and state while Muslims think they should be together
Sum up the beginnings of Islam.
began in Mecca when Muhammed had a vision telling him there was only one God and he was his prophet
Sum up the "five pillars" of Islam.
1) There is only one God and Muhammed is his prophet
2) Pray 5x day towards Mecca
3) Fast during Holy Month
4) Hajj to Mecca once lifetime
5) Give to the poor
Sum up 2 views Muslims have of jihad.
-struggle to defend Islam against others
-inner battle against evil tendencies
why is our typical view of Islam is misunderstood
foreign ideas, seem threatning, we think all are terrorists
holy book of Islam, preserves Word of God as spoken to Muhammed by Gabriel
Examples of violence used by Shiites
carbombs, hijacking, terrorism
1947 UN Plan
make 1 Arab state and 1 Jewish state
Western Toxication
western culture was poisining Islam
Sume up how the Sunni and Shiite sects became divided.
They couldn't decide who should become leader after Muhammed--Shiite thought closest Male relative, Sunni any qualified male
Who are the Twin Satans to Islam
United States
What is Husayn's martyrdom compared to in Christianity?
Jesus' crucifixtion
Who did US side with in Iraq/Iran war and why
Iraq, they tried to contain ideas of Iran
What is the old terrorist trademark
Sunni Muslims
majority group that felt any qualified male Muslim be leader
religious leader
group with different beliefs
means submission to God's will
Anwar Sadat
leader of Egypt, only Arab leader to offer peace to Israel, assassinated
Bin Ladens view of civilian and military targets
there was no difference between the two
What goal does Iran have concerning Islam?
Want to spread it all over Middle East (and eventually world)
6 Day War
Arab states vs. Israel---> Israel attacked and won West Bank, Sinai, Golan Heights, Jerusalem, Gaza Strip
How does Islamic government in Turkey and Saudi Arabia differ?
Turkey has a secular government w/ Western socail life while Saudi Arabia stays close to traditional Islamic ways
Shiite Muslims
minority group of Muslims who thought Muhammed's closest male relative (Ali) shoud be next leader
1972 Munich Olympics
PLO gunmen killed 11 Israeli athletes
What were the causes of Islamic resurgence?
cultural confusion, sudden rise in oil income, uneasiness on foreign ideas, Muslim weakness
name given to the followers of Islam
What is the Muslim view of Westernization.
want to keep their culture, caused them to be confused about traditional ways
reports on Muhammed, adds to guidance of Koran
How do radical & moderate resurgence groups differ in their methods?
Moderate groups are peaceful, less violence while radicals use violence to get their point across
uprising-->young Palestines against Israeli soldiers
Impact of Cold War in Mid East
US gave Israel economic/military support while Soviet Union backed Arab states w/ loans and military equipment-->more conflict and arms race in Middle East
Ideas Islam and Christianity have in common
believe in Old Testament, think Jesus great prophet, monotheism
Islams vs. European Christians, intended to recapture Holy Land from Muslims
Islamic law that governs all aspects of Muslim life
death edict
had a vision in which angel Gabriel told him he was chose to be a great prophet, preached in Mecca, FOUNDER OF ISLAM
2 main targets of 9/11 and why.
WTC-- wealth
Pentagon-- military power
What were given as 2 main causes of problems in the Middle East?
foreign domination
social changes due to Westernization