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Germany was historical known for dry or sweet wines?
What happened to German plantings after WW2?
High yield varieties were planted in flat areas. Low quality branded wines (Black Tower and such) hurt reputation of the country.
What is the German quality grading system based on?
Must weight (sugar) or ripeness at harvest.
What is German Tafelwein?
Below table wine. Grapes can come from outside of Germany.
What is German Deutscher Tafelwein?
Table wine

Simple wines

Grapes must be sourced in Germany
What is German Landwein?
Equivalent of French Vin de Pays

Wines must be Trocken Halbtrocken.

Large districts. Can blend within the district.
What are the two categories for quality wine in Germany?
QbA (#2)
QmP (#1)
Describe German QbA wine level
Qualitätswein bestimmter Anbaugebiete

Quality wine

Wines must be sourced from one of the 13 designated wine regions

Has to be produced from specific grape varities

This is usually an estates basic wine and is often good quality
Describe German QmP
Top quality wine

Sourced from one Anbaugebeit (region)

Further classified according to must weight at harvest (6 levels)

Chaptalization is not permitted
Name the 6 QmP quality classifications
Describe German Kabinett
Wine made from Grapes harvested at the normal time but have higher Oëchsle (sugar) reading than QbA

Lighter wine

7-8% alcohol

Typically off-dry (though there is exceptions)
Describe German Spätlese
Literally means "late harvest"

Typically made from grapes harvested 1-2 weeks after normal harvest

Fuller body than Kabinett

Usually off-dry but some exceptions
Describe German Auslese
Means "selected from harvest"

Made from extra-ripe bunches

Some may have boytriris

Capable of considerable complexity
Describe German Beerenauslese
Made from grapes that are very ripe and botrytus affected but not extensively shriveled
Describe German Eiswein
Ice wine

Temp of -8 required

Made from grapes frozen on the vine

Happens rarely
Describe German Trockenbeerenauslese
Trocken means dried

Made from shriveled and botrytis affected grapes

Thick, sweet, rich and decadent

Rarest and most expensive of German wines.

Only made in great vintages

High acid to balance sugar
Define Anbaugebiete
Term for a German wine region. There is 13.
Define Bereich
German term for a large area within an Anbaugebiete (region).
Define Gemeinde
German term for a commune or village
Define Grosselage
German term for collection of vineyards
Define Einzellage
German term for a single vineyard
Latitude of most German wineries
German climate
Cold continental

Grapes struggle to ripen

Frost is a hazard
Soil in Germany
Slate (most importantly

Also Sandstone and Loess (clay+silt)
Good wine in Germany his planted on what sort of vineyards
Steep slopes and terraced slopes
German fermentation temperatures?
Cold fermentation
Do many wines in Germany have residuar sugar? Why?
Yes. To balance acidity.

Challenging climate means sugars low which makes acidic wine.
What are the two methods in Germany which end up with a residual sugar wine? Which is more common?
Arrested fermentation (most common)

Süssreserve (adding must)
Define Süssreserve
German term for sweet reserve

Addition of preserved grape juice to sweeten wines high in acidity

Grape juice preserved with sulphur

Popular in the 70s and 80s but not used as much anymore
Grape varieties in Germany?
Müller-Thurgau (high yield)
Pinot Gris
Spätburgunder (Pinot Noir)
Describe the geography of Germany's Mozel-Saar-Ruwer Anbaubebiete
Steep slate slopes
Describe the wines from Germany's Mozel-Saar-Ruwer Anbaubebiete
Light bodied whites from Riesling

High acid

Residual sugar

Lime, floral and mineral character

Top quality
Describe the geography of Germany's Rheingau Anbaubebiete
South facing slopes on the North side of the Rhine River
Describe the wines from Germany's Rheingau Anbaubebiete
Fuller-bodied Rieslings with tropical fruit character

Higher alcohol

Often vinified dry (60%)
Describe the geography of Germany's Rheinhessen Anbaubebiete
Primarilly flat land
Describe the wines from Germany's Rheinhessen Anbaubebiete
Best Rieslings planted on the slopes

Home of Leibfraumilch. Inexpensive flowery off-dry wine. Crap.

Usually made from Muller-Thurgau
Describe the wines from Germany's Pfalz Anbaubebiete
Alsace influence grape varietals:

Riesling, Ruländer (Pinot Gris) and Spätburgunder (Pinot Noir)

Fuller bodied wines. Dryer and higher alcohol.

Red grapes gaining ground.
Name some main food ingredients in Germany
Name a few common dishes in Germany
Polied new potatoes
Roast goose
Black forest cake
Stollen (pastry)
Apple struddle
Name some common cheeses in Germany
Limburger (cows milk, pungeant, semi-soft)

Munster (cows milk, soft washed rind)

Cambozola (cows milk, camembert+gorgonzola)