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descriptive statistics
various techniques for summarizing or presenting data
ex: bar chart, pie chart, average of a collection of numbers
inferential statistics
various techniques by which one attempts to make a statement about an entire population based on data
numerical characteristic of a sample
numerical characteristic of an entire population
random variable (RV)
a rule (or function) which assigns a value to each element of a population
quantative RV
assign numbers to elements of the population
qualitive RV (categorical)
assign non-numerical values to elements of the population
discrete Rv
we say that a quantative RV is discrete if between two values that RV could take there is an interval of values that the random variable cannot take
ex: e = # or arrivals of a RV drive-thru between 1200 and 1230
continuous RV
a RV, x, is said to be continuous if the set of values that x could be is an interval of real numbers
ex: time until the next arrival at a RV drive-thru