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Out of Africa Theory
Belief that all humans existed in Africa and migrated elsewhere
Multiregional Theory
Idea that humans existed at the same time and produced modern day humans
Hunter-gatherers that survived off of fruits. Lived during the paleolithic era. Lived in packs, 5 million years ago
Upright human, made axes and cleavers, more efficient in production than Homo Habilis
Homo Sapiens
First humans that were self-concious, symbol making and first demonstrate concern for human mortality. Created symbol systems and were able to effectively communicate with each other
Sum of things created that people invented, created and transmitted
Tool making humans, created first stone and bone tools
Paleolithic Culture
Heightened at the Ice Age, hunters and gatherers (nomads) were forced to migrate or adapt to ever changing climatic conditions. 15 types of humans coexisted w/ each other but, homosapiens faired better than others. Alsoknown for rock art
Neolithic Culture
Hunter gatherers became farmers and produced their own food. Homemakers, artisans and shepards played large role in community. Numerous female statues found, attributed to the earth mother. Female deities ruled the earth and male ruled the sky
Ceremonial centers and burial sites, upright in circles or multiple rows and capped by horizontal slabs.
Inherited from the mother line
Oldest form of social organization developed in Africa, partnership with men
Giant Hummingbird
Pictured on Peruvian plane, wings span up to 200 ft. Neolithic project
Primal mother. Symbol of welcome for the Ashanti tribe, used for women who hope to concieve a child. "Akua's child"
Venus of Willendorf
Represents the earth and its fertility and continuation of live. 25, 000 BCE fr. Austria
Ancient quest to understand our human origin
Visible representation of an invisible reality or concept
Paleozoic Era
Trilobites ruled, first fish, true vertebrae, insects, amphibians, first plants on land and first reptiles. Dec. 17 560m years ago.
Mesozoic Era
Dinosaurs ruled, first mammals and birds. Dec. 24, 225 m years ago
Cenozoic Era
Extinction of dinosaur, pangea, mammals rule and flower plants appear.

Dec. 29