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In what year was Sir Isaac Newton born?
What famous scientist died the same year that Newton was born?
Galileo Galilei
What war began in England the year Isaac was born?
The first English Civil War
Edmond Halley used the dates of the sitings of three earlier comets to predict that they were all the same comet following an elliptical path and that it would return in 76 years. What were the dates?
1531, 1607, 1682
In what year did Halley predict the comet would return?
In what year was Isaac Newton's Principia published?
In what year did the Great Plague of London begin?
In what year did the Great Fire of London occur?
In what year did King Charles II grant a charter for the Royal Society?
How old was Isaac Newton when he left the university because of the Great Plague and did some of his greatest work?
22 years old (remember his birthday is at the end of the year)
How old was Newton when the Principia was published?
44 years old (remember his birthday was in December)
How old was Newton when he was knighted?
64 years old (remember his birthday was in December)
In what year was Newton knighted?
Who was king when Newton was born?
King Charles I
Who were the Roundheads?
members of Parliament and others who were opposed to the king
Who were the Royalists?
members of Parliament and others who supported the king
Who was Oliver Cromwell?
Lord Protector of England under the the Rump Parliament who became a cruel ruler whose battles in Ireland have separated that country until this day
When did Isaac Newton invent the reflecting telescope?
Who was the first person to experiment with friction?
Leonardo da Vinci
Who was the first person to describe inertia?
Galileo Galilei