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Define MIS
The development and use of information systems for business objectives
What is the five-component framework?
What are the characteristics of information?
Derived from manipulation of meaningful data.
Relevant, Timely, worth its cost, accurate
What is the the relationship between IT and IS?
IT creates the products, methods, standards, inventions to produce information
IS implements the systems and drives development
What is Moores Law>?
Moores Law states that the number of transistors per square inch on an integrated chip doubles every 18 months, and as a result the speed of the chip also doubles
How can an IS create a competitive advantage?
It can create a new product or service, enhance products, differentiate, lock in customers, lock in suppliers, raise barriers to market entry, establish alliances, reduce costs
How do IS facilitate decision making?
Operational systems [Transaction Processing S]

Managerial systems
[Managerial Information S]

Strategic systems
[Exectutive Information S]
What is a structured process?
What kind of system is used?
Automated: understood and accepted method for making the decisions, computer does most the work
What is a un-structured process?
What kind of system is used?
Augmented: no agreed on decision making process, humans do most the work
What is a general purpose computer?
they can run different programs to perform different functions.
What is a special purpose computer?
Fixed permanently in memory, serve a specific purpose,

ex: cell phone computer
Name the hardware: Input, Processing, Output, Storage, Communication.
-Keyboard, Mouse,
-CPU Ram
-Display, speaker, printer
-tapes, optical disk, magnetic disk
-NIC card, router
What does the memory do?
Memory holds instructions, holds data, and holds operating system
What does Volatile mean?
it means that when the computer is powered off the memory is lost, RAM is volitile memory, while the hard disk is nonvolitile
What does the CPU do?
the brain, reads data and instructions from the memory, processes them, and then returns results
What is an instruction set?
the collection of instructions that a computer can process

pc, mac
What does the OS do?
manages main memory, processes keystrokes, reads and writes disk files, sends signals to the display
Can you increase memory speed?
What is memory swapping?
When you run out of memory and the computer must swap unused processes to main memory. Slows down the computer
What is horizontal hardware?
it is an all purpose application software, like office
What is verticle software?
Serves the need of specific tasks, or industry. Like Micros
How many bits in a byte?
How many bytes in a KB?
How many KB in a MB
what does 01000001 equal?
what does 111 equal?
=2^0+2^6 = 65
What are the components of a database system?
Database:Tables relationsships among rows, metadata

DBMS: manages system

DBAPPS: forms , queries, reports
What are the columns called?
What are the rows called?
What is a foreign key?
a non-key field in one table that links to a primary key in another table
What is an entity?
What you want to track, becomes the "tables" in your database
What is normalization?
the process of converting poorly structured tables into two or more well-structured tables
How do you place keys for 1:1, 1:N, and N:M relationships?
1:1= fkey can go a:b or b:a
1:M= 1 is fkey of Many
N:M= create a seperate key table
What is a database?
a self describing collection of integrated records
What is a network protocal?
a standard means for coordinating an activity between two or more entities
What protocal do we use?
Layer 5
application layer: http-ftp-smtp> governs how applications work together
Layer 4
Transport: TCP unifies communcation, breaksdown messages into segments, then packages "envelope to and from" the segmetns
Layer 3
IP: routes packets across an internet
Layer 2 & 1
IP to MAC adress> packeges packets into frames

What is a LAN?
a group of computers connected together on a single site

NIC> <AP------WNIC
What is the most used LAN protocal?
What layer does ethernet operate at?
1 and 2
What is a WAN?
Wide area network: connects computers located at physically separated sites.
What is a PSDN? Why would I want to use one?
A public switch alternative, a WAN alternative=
each site leases a line, once a site has connected to the psdn "pop" point of presence, the site obtains access to all other sites connected.

Reduces costs as they dont have to pay for entire network
What is a VPN?
Virtual Private Network: uses the public internet to create the appearance of a private connection. Creates a "secure" encrypted tunnel.

* Offer the benefit of point to point leased lines
What are some of the criteria for comparing alternatives?
Setup costs, operational costs, maintenance costs, speed latency, availability, lossrate, performance
What is the DHCP?
Dynamic host configuration protocol: allocates ip in a lan
What do switches work with, and at what layer?
Frames, at layer 2 using mac adresses
What do routers work with, and at what layer?
Packets, at layer 3 using ip addresses
What is DNS?
domain name system: changes "names" to ip
What is NAT?
Network Address translation: changes public ip adresses to the private ip addresses located on the lan
What is CRM
Customer relations management system: sales management, customer support
What is ERP?
Enterprise resource planning: integrates all of the organizations principal processes.
What is EAI?
Enterprise application integration: conects system "islands" via a new layer of software

Enables a gradual move to ERP
What are three kinds of information systems?
Calculation, functional, andintegrated systems.