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What is DBMS?
Data base management system or database manager, refers to software writen specificaly to control the structure of a data base & acess to data.
what is DM?
Data Minning is the computer assisted process of sifting through and analizing vast amounts of data in order to extract meanin and discover kowledge.
What is Agp?
Accelerated graphic port,for video and 3D.
What is a bus?
data tranfered through the cpu.
what is ISA?
inustry standard architecture, bus used to be mostly in expansion bus.
What is PCI?
Faster bus than ISA, 32 to 64 bytes wide.
what is cache?
temporary stores data & instructions that the processor is lickely to use frequently.
what is CISC?
Complex instruction set computing chips, which are used mostly in PCs and conventional mainframes, large number of instructions.
RISC is?
used mostly in worksations a great many seldom used intructions are eliminated.
waht is a flop?
floting operation per second, a special kind of mathmatical caculation.
what is AMD?
adavnced micro device, intel chips for PCs.
what is EBCDIC?
extended binary coded decimal interchange code, used for mainframes.
what is ASCII?
American standard code for information Interchange, binary code used mostly with microcomputers.
What is CMOS?
metal oxide semiconductor chips, powred by battery so they dont lose their contents when the power goes off.