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Poder: he is able; that he could
está pudiendo; pudo
Poner: he is putting; he did put
está poniendo; puso
Saber: he is knowing; he knew
está sabiendo; supo
Estar: he is at; he was there
está estando; estuvo
Querer: he is wanting; he wanted
está queriendo; quiso
Hacer: he is doing; he did
está haciendo; hizo
Traer: he is bringing; he brought
está trayendo; trajo
Conducir: he is driving; he drove
está conduciendo; condujo
Traducier: he is translating; he translated
está traduciendo; tradujo
Dar: he is giving; he gave
está dando; dio
Conocer: he is acquainted; he met
está conociendo; conoció
Servir: he is serving; he served
está sirviendo; sirvió
Dormir: he is sleeping; he slept
está durmiendo; durmió
Pedir: he is asking / ordering; he ordered
está pidiendo; pidió
Preferir: he is preferring; he preferred
está prefiriendo; prefirió
Morir: he is dying; he died
está muriendo; murió
Conseguir: he is getting; he got
está consiguiendo; consiguió
Sentir: he is feeling; he felt
está sintiendo; sintió
Despedir: he is saying goodbyes; he said bye
está despidiendo; despidió
Vestirse: he is getting dressed; he got dressed
está se vistiendo; se vistió
Repetir: he is repeating; he did repeat
está repitiendo; repitió
Seguir: he is following; he followed
está siguiendo; siguió