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What is an Archaeologist?
A person who systematically studies the artifacts of a people to understand their existence as a culture.
What is an Artifact?
An object made by a human, such as a tool.
What is Cartography?
The science of map making.
What is a Civilization?
A whole society that shares a culture, such as the same language, religion, art, music, family rules and guidelines, government and means of communication.
What is a Confederation?
A loose government where the parts, such as the states in America, would retain most powers, with a few key powers left to the central government.
What is a Culture?
A total way of life.
What is Economics?
The study of how people produce, distribute, and consume resources in order to satisfy their wants; and also how people make choices in trying to satisfy their wants with limited resources.
What is an Environment?
The total surroundings including physical, social and cultural conditions. These conditions affect the individual and the community.
What is a Federal government?
A political system in which a central authority while retaining certain residual powers of government.
What is Geography?
This is the study if the earth and its features,as well as, where people live.
What is a Historian?
A person who studies, writes about and analyzes past events.
What is History?
The study of past events.
What is Indigenous?
The original inhabitants of an area. The people who settled the lands of North and South America are referred to as Native Americans or indigenous peoples.
What is the Iroquois Confederacy?
A Native American political organization formed in 1577 by the Mohawk Hiawatha, joining the Mohawk into confederation with the Cayuga, the Onondaga, the Seneca, and Oneida, and later the Tuscarora. THe waged a war of virtual extermination against the Huron and Mohegan (Mohican) Indians. The Iroquois were pro-British during the French and Indian War, and entered into alliance with the United States during the Revolution. Their confederation was dissolved by the New York State legislature in 1847, and today they live peacefully on several large reservations straddling the US-Canadian border. They proudly note that they were the first allies of the US.
What is the League of Five Nations?
A confederation of Indian tribes, including the Mohawk, Seneca, Oneida, Cayuga and Onondaga. They were often call the League of Iroquois.
What is a Longhouse?
The structure of the woodland Indian, such as the Iroquois, in which several families lived. It was made of tree branches and other forest greens, with a rounded roof.
What is Matrilineal?
Tracing a family's heritage and or leadership through the mother's line of ancestry.
What is Monotheistic?
A religion whose faith has a single God; ex. Judaism, Islam, and Christianity.
What are Native Americans?
The first settlers who came to NOrth America form Asia; the indigenous peoples.
What is a Primary Source?
For a person who studies history, a primary source is a document or written record which cames directly from the period of time under study. An example would be the first draft of the Gettysburg Adress, writtenin President Lincoln's own handwriting; it can be used to check that what is written in history books today is what Lincoln actually wrote down in 1863.
What are Regions?
Areas that have certain characteristics and features in common.
What is a Secondary Source?
The writings and interpretations of historians and other writers. These sources such as textbooks and articles often provide convenient summaries of the informations contained in primary sources.
What is Political Science?
The study of government.
What is the Constitution?
The fundimental law of the USA.
What does the Legislative Branch do?
Makes the laws.
What does the Executive Branch do?
Enforce the laws.
What does the Judicial Branch do?
Interpret the laws and the constitution.
What is a Myth?
A story handed down from generation to generation. It isn't necessarily completely true. It offers an explination and shows a communities vaules.
What is Wampum?
Extremely valuable beads made from clam shells. They were used to record history.
What is a Confederation?
A bond between groups.
What is a Confederation?
A bond between groups.
What is the Sachem?
The counsel Cheif.
What is Communal?
Shared ownership.
What are Descendants?
What is your Nuclear family?
Mom, Dad, siblings.
What is your Longhouse Family?
Your extended family through your mom.
What is a Fireside Family?
Nuclear Family.
What is Polytheism?
The belief in many gods.
What is Partrilineal?
A society that counts descent therough the male line.
Who is Dekanawida?
An Indian who dreamed of peace.
Who is HIawatha?
Onondaga Cheif.
Who Earth Diver?
The muskrat.
What are the Three Sisters?
Corn, Beans, and Squash. (CBS)
What are the Five Themes of Geography?
Location, Place, Human/Environment interaction, Movement, Region.
What is Location?
Absolute/ relative location-everything on earth has both.
What is Place?
Characteristics that make it different from other places. Natural resources.
What is Human/Environment Interaction?
People interacting with the environment.
What is Movement?
Movement of people, goods, ideas.
What is Region?
Places that share common characteristics.
What is SQ3R?
A study method. Survey, Question, Read, Recite, Reveiw.
What is Survey?
Breifly looking over the content for main ideas/subjects.
What is Question?
If the questions are not provided, turn ideas into questions.
What is Read?
Read with focus toward answering the questions.
What is Recite?
Restate important points outloud in your own words.
What is Reveiw?
Look over work.
What are the four values in the creation myth?
Balence, nature, respect for women, interdependance.
What are the Five Nations of the Iroquois?
SCOOM-Seneca, Cayuga, Onondaga, Oneida, Mohawk.
What are the two goals of the Iroquois?
internal peace - settling arguments among the five nations. external peace - defense against Iroquois enemies.
How was the Iroquois Myth passed down?