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people who originally inhabited Paris
Lutece(with grave on e)
roman name for Paris
"City of Light"
nickname for Paris
Seine River
divided it into 1/2
River Droite
River Ganche
l'Opera (accent acute on e)
-opera house
-built in 1875
-largest in the world
-only seats 2200
-12 different colors of marble
-125-150 people on stage
-rooms underground for storage
-famous for the baroque arch:geu gah frou-frou
La Madeleine
looks like the Parthenon
built by Napoleon
built as a temple to honor the soldiers
walls are covered in lists
TODAY it is a working RCC
most fashionable place to be married
Mary Magdalon: one of Jesus's apostles
Thought to be the first Christian monastery
L'arc du Carousel
Named b/c in font of it were parades
an arch; originally a gate house to the Tuilery