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The birth of the modern international system dominated by states dates back to the
Treaty of Westphalia
Liberals are least interested in
Which theorists maintain that human conflict is inevitable
Machiavello in The Prince, argues that a successful prince (state leader)
Must learn how not to be good
A bipolar system was created in the wake of
World War 2
A state must have all of the following except
a sense of community
The establishment of the UN in 1945 reflected a desire to end
nationalistic conflict
It is very difficult for a country to remain neutral in a
bipolar system
The task of postmodernism if to
deconstruct reality and examine the ways in which we organize ourselves politically
Organizations that operate across national boundaries and whose membership is composed of individuals (as opposed to government representatives) is known as a
A state has sovereignty when it
does not recognize as legitimate any higher authority
Democratic peace theory claims that
democracies don’t go to war with other democracies
In government decision making, the rational actor, in theory, considers
all available choices
Most realists believe the main function of IGOs is to
act as an interactive arena in which states can pursue national interests
Which of the following UN organs gives its permanent members veto power?
Security Council
Realists tend to portray power as being
a zero-sum game
Western morality and culture emphazise
the rights of the individual
One system-level cause of war could be
the global pattern of production and use of natural resources
An individual-level cause of war could be
the instinct of territoriality
Which security approach reflects realist assumptions that countries are greedy and violent
unlimited self-defense
Persuading an enemy that attacking you will not be worth any potential gain is known as
Why was the IAEA created?
to limit the use of nuclear technology to peaceful purposes
Which concept is behind the use of most international security forces?
collective security
The dependency school argues that EDCs exploit the LDC’s supply of
primary products
Marx’s view of capitalism is that
it is a temporary but necessary stage of human development
Which of the following is not a problem associated with the deployment of ODA?
hinders globalization
Which theory would most likely see the environmental issues as being a problem due to their health impacts of degradation of production?
One of the primary causes of the leveling of Brazilian rain forests is
native reliance on deforestation to meet economic needs
Huntington uses the phrase ‘torn countries’ to describe
countries in which two different civilizations are contending for
According to Huntington, the central axis of world politics in the future is likely to be
The West versus the rest
Tickner says the language of international politics has tended to favor
men because
western societies are male-dominated and this sets the tone for global
Tickner argues that the key ideas of most IR theory such as power, autonomy, rationality
are so associated with masculinity that they serve to exclude women from consideration
Wallerstein argues that the capitalist world economy
has entered into a period of long crisis
Fukuyama’s ‘End of History’ refers to the
triumph of free-market liberal democracies over other ideologies
Which of the following are not criticisms of the ‘Clash of Civilizations’ made by Walt
Huntington is wrong in saying that nationalism is still an important factor in international relations
Graham Allison argues that it is possible to analyze decision making of states from three perspectives; ones that view policy as the product of
Rational policy making, organizational processes and bureaucratic politics
Allison’s 3 models of government decision making are intended to
be used in combination to fully understand how a decision was reached
In the lecture on Allison’s models regarding the Cuban Missile Crisis, the decision to implement a naval blockage can be wholly explained by which model:
A. the rational actor model
B. the organizational process model
C. the bureaucratic bargaining model
D. a combination of the above
D all the above
According to Joseph Nye, the benefits of interdependence are
Can be both zero sum and non-zero sum
Thomas Hobbes in Leviathan says that people in a ‘state of nature’ tend to
satisfy their wants then look for recognition or glory
The argument that much confusion and uncertainty in international politics could be overcome if states conducted diplomacy and treaties openly was made by
Woodrow Wilson
Marx in the Communist Manifesto, says that all human history is
class struggle
Which of the following was not a level of society mentioned by Aristotle
the individual which provides for itself
Which of the following can be classed as a cognitive theory thinker
A. Margaret Hermann
B. Harold Laswell
C. Robert Jervis
D. all of the above
D all the above
Clausewitz believed that leaders who fully understood his philosophy of
war would
accept the fact that things in war would likely never go exactly as they
Arguably Clausewitz’s most important idea is that in war
politics should determine the making of strategy
Among one of the ideas first proposed in Grotius’s writings on laws of war was
prisoners of war should be accorded some rights
The Latin term jus in bello refers to
right conduct while in a war
That terrorism can be said to display instrumental rationality means that it is
a means to an end
The Congress of Vienna of 1815 led to
an organized diplomatic system