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your text is concerned over all with
security economy and identity
realists judge
human nature, type of state, and power
Levels of analysis in IR include
individuals, states and the international system
The Roman Empire was
an imperial international system
The European system of independent states is
world wide
States use power primarily to
attain objectives and interests
National objectives are relatively
narrowly defined
Objectives frequently conflict with one another for
The Congress of Vienna (1815) helped
systematize diplomatic practices
Breaking diplomatic relations is
the next step before war
A third party helping to resolve disputes by providing channels of communication is providing
good offices
NGO activity increased at the
end of the Cold War (1947-1990)
The “rational” choice follows
a calculation of expected costs and benefits
Democratic states tend to avoid war with
other democracies
The Latin term jus in bello refers to
right conduct while in a war
Arguably Clausewitz’s most important idea is that
politics should determine strategy
Clausewitz said that things will never go as planned in war because of
The UN has authorized the use of force to repel aggression only twice
Korea 1950 and Kuwait 1991
International regimes are based on
agreed upon norms or rules
The advantages or benefits from joining alliances normally includes
burden sharing
A multilateral institution created by states to pursue common objectives is called a/an
The Peace of Westphalia (1648) introduced
sovereignty into international politics
The idea that all states have a legal right to enforce international law by taking joint and concerted action to stop the aggression is called
self help
An association of countries made up of the USA, the UK, Canada, France, Italy, Germany and Japan is known as
the G7
The highest ranking position in a country’s diplomatic mission is that of
The Dutch thinker of the Enlightenment era (1600s-1700s), Hugo Grotius, is usually regarded as the founder or main inspiration for the modern institution or practice of
international law
One of Mao Zedong’s most famous principles is that
political power grows out of the barrel of a gun
When a party to an agreement does not pay its share it is called
a free rider