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what is the context of fukuyama's article?
the waning of the cold war
what is fukuyama's contribution?
it is the first comprehensive attempt to predict future politics/ policies
what are fukuyama's 3 main ideas in his article?
1. idea v materialism
2. hegel rescued from marx
3. failed challenges to the free market and liberal state
what are the two challenges to the free market that have failed so far that fukuyama talks about?
communism and fascism
why did communism fail?fk
too economically based but science helped
why did fascism fail? fk
failed at military
what are the 2 new challenges to the free market system? fk
nationalism and religion
what issue can nationalism and religion bring up in a liberal society? fk
the issue of race
what is the context of huntington's clash of civilizations?
IT IS A RESPONSE and alternative to fukuyama
why is the clash going to happen? ht give five reasons?
1. differences profound
2. interactions intensify
3. local identity weakens
4. compromises difficult
5. economic regionalization
what are the three main points of huntington's idea of west v rest?
1. there are torn countries
2. western predominance
3. confucian islamic links
what are huntington's implication for policy?
us has to learn to live in world where people don't like us
what is the context of walt's article?
refutation of huntington's claims
what does walt say are 3 of huntington's appeals?
1. master of scholarly soundbite
2. uses vogue of cultural explanations
3. has prima facie plausibility
what are huntington's 3 errors according to walt?
1. does not explain culture loyalty
2. does not account for nationalism
3. supports invariance as convergence
what country does huntington not deal with and walt has a problem with that?
what is the trend that walt beleives in?
he believes in the splitting up of communities
what is the context of barber's article?
it is a refutation of both cold war era and present realism
what are barber's five main ideas?
1. american isolation ends with 9/11 attacks
2. realism inadequate
3. interdependence essential
4. USSR could be deterred
5. only democracies can be out true friends (a new realism)
what does allison's article talk about?
how does allison define a crisis? 2 goals
1. high stakes
and 2. rapid decision needs to be made
what are allison's 3 decision models?
1. rational choice
2. organizational behavior
3. government politics
what is the definition of rational choice? al
govt. output is a decision
what is the definition of organizational behavior? al
output is routine or SOP
what is the definition of government politics? al
output is bargain/ compromise
by which model does the US not act on during the cuban missile crisis?
rational choice
what are the 4 real world actions that took place during the cuban missile crisis according to allison's organizational behavior model?
1. us navy blockade
2. cia and us overflights
3. us air force and strike plans
4. US army and central front war
what are the four requirements for organizational behavior? al
1. available responses already set
2. new problems are seen in terms of existing known types
3. different organizations work separate parts of problems
4. responses are sequences
what are the five requirements for government politics? al
1. complexities of foreign policy
2. shared powers
3. access to leaders
4. previous success records
5. winner's get resources
what were the 2 real world actions with the government politics model?
1. kennedy and exec comm.
2. Joseph P kennedy ship must be first in cuba
what were kruchvek's 4 motives? al
1. defend cuba against us
2. redress strategic balance
3. show strengths to mao zedong
4. make up for berlin backdown
what is the problem with human nature theories?
not systematic enough, but analytical
what is the context of aristotle's the politics?
aftermath of the pelopponesian war
what is the definition of teleology?
defining things in terms of their ends or aims
what is the definition of ontology?
understanding by looking
what does aristotle say people are?
social beings
what are the three levels of society that aristotle talks about?
family, village, state
what does the family provide according to aristotle?
meets basic needs (reproduction)
what does the village according to aristotle provide?
long term viability
what does the state provide according to aristotle?
provides a good life
what are the three dualities of man according to aristotle?
rational/ irrational
necessary/ honorable
business/ war
what does aristotle believe the state and the individual have in common? 2
the same things are good for both
end the same
what does aristotle say about sparta?
says they are too war centered
what is the context of hobbes leviathan?
english civil wars
what does hobbes say humans are equal in?
we are equal in the ability to kill each other
how does hobbes describe the state of nature?
the state of nature is war of all against all
what does hobbes say will happen if there is no common power?
he says then they're will be no law
how does hobbes describe the life of man?
solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short
what is hobbes opinion of christianity?
christianity has not fixed man
what is the context of freud's response?
interlude in european civil wars 1932
what does freud say wars represent?
wars represent the destructive impulses in man
what is the thanatos freud?
death wish
from where does freud say peace comes from?
it comes from the creative and emotional impulse
what is the eros freud?
diverse and reproduction
what according to freud are the two things that can stop war?
a central authority
compromising individuals with with emotional ties to each other
what does lasswell say people do to displace their aggressions?
what are the six characteristics of leaders that hermmann talk about?
1. need for power or affiliation
2. conceptual complexity
3. trust in others
4. nationalism
5. able to control events
6. interpersonal styles
what does jervis explain?
allison's decision models
what is jervis' two step model?
1. how data is perceived and
judgements are formed
2. what information might be available
what does jervis say are the three realities of decision making?
1. competing interests
2. complex situations
3. ambiguous information
what does ghandi say separates us from the animals?
our capacity for non violence
what type of war does ghandi say is no better than armed conflict?
economic war
what are abusahlia's reasons for non violence for the palestinians?
1. lost all our battles
2. language understood by all
3. embarass enemy
4. express energy of crowd
5. all can participate