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What kind of particles are massive?
Gamma rays
In experiment 8.9, how would the half life have changed if you had removed a die that had a 2 or 6 on top?
decayed faster, the half life would be shorter
What kind of particle is fast moving and can easily pass through paper?
Beta particle
What kind of particle is positively charged,made of 2 protons and 2 neutrons,and has no electrical charge?
Alpha particle
current is made up of a flow of ...
What does a graph of an object moving at a constant speed look like?
steadily up
what does a graph look like when it is slowing down?
steadily down
What is newtons first law?
An object in motion remains in motion and an object that is at rest remains at rest unless acted upon (dead cat swinging if you let go it keeps on going
what is newtons 3rd law give an example?
equal/opposite (rocket launch)
What two factors affect gravitational force?
distance between objects and the mass of objects.
define kinetic,potential energy,and gravitational potential
energy due to motion,stored energy,depends on height
what does a wave carry through matter or space?
What type of wave is a water wave, light wave, and sound wave
transverse,electromagnetic, longitudinal
What is the relationship between wavelenth and frequency?
inverse frequency goes up and wave lenth goes down
define amplitude
greatest distance particle are displaced from their normal resting position in a transverse wave
what are the positions of the sun, moon and during a lunar eclipse
why do we see phases of the moon?
As the moon revolves around the earth the illuminated side of the moon is not always fully visible from earth
write the phases of the moon in the order they occur beginning with a full moon
full,wane gib,3rd quart,wane cres,new,wax cres,1st quart,wax gib
list 3 things that will increase the rate of a chemical reaction in general
catalyst, shake ,and stir sometimes heat
Which type of nuclear reaction is used to genarate electricity in nuclear power plants?
when a chemical reaction takes place and theres a loss in mass what happened?
some gas went away
what is the mass ratio of o:h
define endothermic
absorption of heat
define exothermic
releasing heat
define element
a substance made up of atoms
define catalyst
a substace that modifies and increases the rate of reaction
define fusion
the merging of two elements
define fission
the act of splitting
define beta particles
a high speed electron one emmited in radioactive decay
define alpha particles
a positevly charged particle
define electromagnetic induction
production of an electric current by changing the magnetic field
define magnetic field
a condition found in the region around a magnetic or an electric current
define speed
the rate or a measure of motion s=d/t
define velocity
rapidity or speed of motion
define momentum
the rate of accelaration
define kinetic energy
the energy possesed by a body of motion
define potential energy
the energy that can be released
define gravitational potential energy
depends on the height
define amplitude
greatness of size and magnitude
define wavelenth
the horizontal distance between wave crests
define reflection
the act of reflecting
define refrection
the turning or bending of any wave
what is speed/velocity
what is accelaration
A=fv-iv/t or F=m.a
what is momentum
what is work
what is power
what is kinetic energy
what is gravitational potential energy
what does distillation and filtration and solubility
separates mixtures
what does electrolosys and heat do
separates compounds
what 3 factors affect earths climate
movement of continents,changes in tilt of the earth,and the green house affect
what is the greenhouse affect
the warming of the surface and lower atmosphere of the earth that occurs when co2 water vapor and other gasses in the air absorb and radiate infrared radiation
what is c02
added to the air by the burinig of fossil fuel and by forst fires
what is earths tilt
the earth is tilted at an angle of 23.5* on its imaginary axis this tilt causes seasons on earth
what are greenhouse gases
they are caused by forest fires