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what did Hitler want from Poland?
Polish Corridor
what was the Polish Corridor?
a strip of German land given to Poland in 1919 this land split GErmany in two parts.
what did the Polish Corridor provide poland with?
an only acess to sea
what did poland do when it was scared of GErmanys agression?
poland reinforced its defense agreements with France, Great Briain, and the Soviet Union
what happened on August 23 1939?
Stalin and GErmany signed the non AGression pact?
what is the non agression pact?
a pact stating that they won't declare war on eachother
when did GErmany invade Poland?
Sept. 1 1939
who proclaimed neutrality?
who joined GErmany in the invasion of Poland?
Soviet Union
who declared war on Germany and hoped Germany would retreat from Poland but didnt actually fight
France, Great Britain
declared war on the germans and sent troops to fight