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What is sacred?
Mysterious indescribable force.
What is religion?
A system of beliefs that includes sacred stories, doctrines, rituals, ethics, and a moral code that attempts to connect people with the sacred.
What is scripture?
The sacred writings of a religion that are considered authoritative because people read scripture to learn what is right and wrong.
What is oral scripture?
Sacred stories that have not been written down.
What is the difference between oral scripture and scripture?
Oral scripture are sacred stories that have not been written down, scriptures are written sacred stories.
What are sacred stories?
Found in scripture that teach the cultural concepts and language of a religious tradition.
What is Canon?
The official list of sacred scriptures. The Bible contains the officially recognized canon of Christian scriptures.
What is apocrypha?
Help people to understand the sacred texts of scripture.
What is metaphor?
A metaphor is a figure of speech, a symbolic expression. It is the use of somthing familiar to help people understand something that is unfamiliar to them.
What is analogy?
The direct comparison of the sacred with something that is familiar.