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Social Enivornment
Contact with others
Process of learning the ways of society.
Looking-Glass self
Our sense of self developes from interaction with others
Take the role of the other
To put yourself in someone elses shoes
Signifigant others
Individuals who signifigantly influence ones lives
Generalized Other
Our perception of how people in general think of us
Is the self as a subject
is theself as an object
The sensorimotor stage
Direct contact with enviornment
Preoperational stage
Develope ability to use symbols
Concrete operational stage
Reasoning abilities begin to be concrete
Formal operational stage
Capable of abstract thinking
Inborn drives that cause us to seek self-gratification
Balancing force between the id and the demands of a society that surpress it.
The culture within us.
Peer group
Individuals of roughly the same age who are linked by common interest.
Mass media
forms of communication that are directed to large audiences
Social inequality
Giving privlages and obligations to ones groups of people while denying them to another. Think gender.
Agents of Socialization
People and groups that influence our orientations to life-our self concept, emotions, attitudes, and behavior
Anticipatory socialization
Learning to play a role before entering it.
Learning new norms, values, attitudes, and behaviors to match there new situations in life.
Degradation ceremony
An attempt to remake the self by stripping away the individuals current identity and stamping a new one in its place.
Life Course
Different stages of life beginning with life, and ending with death.
transitional hood
Young adults gradually ease into audlt responsibilities.
Gender socialization
sorting males and females into different roles-is the primary means of controlling human behavior.