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Define "ethnicity"
a. a membership that identifies itself (self-ascription) and is identified by others as being distinct and in which membership is exclusive.

b. shared cultural values and cultural traits.

c. common descent or ancestry.

d. a membership that regularly interacts and typically prefers in-group marriage
Social System
Concerns all the observable social activity-- the sum total of peoples' customary activities and interpersonal interactions.
A relatively simple concept that refers to communities that are connected politically and economicall
a system of shared beliefs, values and customs that the members of a society use to cope with their world, and that are transmitted from generation to generation through learning....includes both rules for behavior and patterns of thought
Geography zones
1. Tundra
2. Forest
3. Steppe/grasslands
* Iranian
* Turkic / Mongol
* Tibetan
ethnic groups
a. Turkmen

b. Uygur

c. Kazakh

d. Tajik

e. Uzbek