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List the three types of loops(not structures) and explain the difference between them.
Event-driven loops

Determinate loops

Indeterminate loops
Event-driven loops
Are repeated by the user causing an event to occur, such as by clicking a command button.
Determinate loops
repeat a known number of times.
Indeterminate loops
repeat an unknown number of times.
What is the result of a loop that does not have a valid termination condition?
An endless (indefinite) loop.
adding some value to an existing sum

Example 2+3+5=10
adding one to a counter

Example 1+1+1+1=4
Local variable
variable only known to one event
Form Level
Variables are known to all procedures on the form and retain their value between events
Static variables
retain their value between events but are local to event procedure
Project variables
are known to the whole project, with multiple forms and are contained in a module of their own
What method is used to add items to a list box?
What method is used to delete items from a list box?
What is the best loop structure for a determinate loop?
Pre-test loop
have termination condition before loop body
Post-test loop
the body of the loop is executed and then the condition is tested
Sequential access files
files from which the data records must be input in the same order that they were placed on the file
Direct access files
files that can be input in any order
Database files
entered with a database management system and not input directly into a VB project
What is the invisible binary marker at the end of a file called?
EOF marker
What is the correct line of code for opening a file?
Open "filename" for Input as #n

Example: Open "a:\chapter5\sumdata.txt" for Input as #10
What is the correct line of code for inputting data from a file?
Input #n, list of variables
Nested loop
A loop within a loop.
Must complete the inner loop within the outer loop.
3 rules to remember about using nested loops.
-Always use different counter variables for the outer and inner For-Next loops.

-Always have the Next statement for the inner For-Next loop before the Next statement for the outer For-Next loop.

-Always include the counter variable in the Next statements to distinguish between the loops.
control array
group of the same type control, which is assigned a single name
What lower index value does an array normally start with?
What is the best decision structure to use when working with an array?
Case Select
Check box
is used to make multiple selections from a list

Prefix is chk
Option button
is used to make one selection from a list. Often referred to as radio buttons
Option buttons must be within a frame control which acts as a container.

Prefix is opt
What is the purpose of a frame?
Serves as a container for other controls
If the frame is moved, option buttons will move with it

Prefix is fra
How many option buttons can be checked within each frame?
What is the proper syntax for declaring a one-dimensional array?
Dim ArrayName(max index value) as variable type
Dim curPrices(9) as Currency
What is a flag variable used for and what data type is it?
often used to indicate whether a match was found.
It is a Boolean data type, so it has a value of True or False
Explain the procedure to add a newly created form to an existing project.
Add a form by clicking Project/AddForm or click on the Add Form icon on the toolbar.
What is the proper syntax for declaring a two-dimensional array?
Dim ArrayName(max row index,max column index)as var type
Dim NumberTable(10,20)as Single
List some key rules about using passwords
-are often used to control access to a computer or software program

-should be at least 6 characters in length and something that cannot be easily guessed
List some key rules about password forms
-should be the Startup object

-A user should be given a set number of "chances" to enter the correct password
On a command button, what affect does setting its Default property to True have?
it will execute the click event if the Enter key is pressed
On a command button, what affect does setting its Cancel property to True have?
it will activate the click event if the Escape key is depressed
What VB Tool is used to create menus?
the Menu Editor
What are some general rules about which controls should be made into menu items?
Frequently used items should remain as buttons while less frequently used items could be menu items
What type of events are menu options?
What is an About Screen used for?
to provide information about the application and is often found under the Help menu item.
What does the Unload Me command do?
Unloads current form from memory
When creating a memo form, what control must be added to the toolbox that will allow you to display dialog boxes?
The common dialog control which must be added to the Toolbar with the
What does the Multiline property for a text box allow you to do?
The textbox should have its Multiline property set to True.

allows any text entered in the text box to wrap when it reaches the boundary of the text box