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A response to an offer that expresses an intention to be bound by all terms of the
Administrative law
Rules, regulations, orders, and decisions made by administrative agencies.
Beyond a reasonable doubt
The burden of proof in a criminal action.
A form of representation by which an agent represents a principal with the respect
to the principal’s dealings with third parties.
A person who represents someone else, known as a principal, with respect to the
principal’s dealings with third parties.
Appellate court
A court of appeals that reviews the record of what took place at trial.
A lawyer who is an employee of a private law firm.
Assumption of risk
A defense to a claim involving negligence or strict liability that bars recovery of the
injured party if that party knew of the risks involved and voluntarily proceeded n the
fact of such truth.
Attorney General
A lawyer whose office provides legal services to a state government; also refers to
the lawyer who heads the US Dept. of Justice.
A legal proceeding that affords protection from creditors to a financially trouble
individual or business.