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Author of Welcome to Hiroshima
Mary Jo Salter
Author of Barbie Doll
Marge Piercy
Author of The Nymph's Reply to the Shepherd
Sir Walter Raleigh
Author of Harlem
Langston Hughes
Author of A Far Cry From Africa
Derek Walcott
Author of Church Going
Philip Larkin
What is a repeating Theme in Welcome to Hiroshima?
absolute destruction with casualness
What is the plot of Welome to Hiroshima?
You are seeing what the speaker sees through their eyes. You go through the memorial in Hiroshima. The speaker thinks all of the images and sculptures are disgusting and repulsive but realizes the only way these things won't happen again is if we see all of the pain and suffering the even caused.
Plot of La Migra
You hear two sides of the same story. The first side is that of the border control man. He thinks he is in control. He has a truck, tools, and authority. Then we get the side of the Mexican woman. She knows the desert and she has friends with her. She is really in control and she mocks him for his arrogance.
Author Paper Matches
Paulette Jiles
Author La Migra
Pat Mora
Author of Sex Without Love
Sharon Olds
Plot of Sex Without Love
The speaker compares sex without love to a religious experience. The priests are the participants. The divinity is pleasure. The religion to sex. The speaker is jealous because these people are able to get pleasure without having to deal with any pain.
What is the divinity symbolic of?
What is religion symbolic of?
What is the priest symbolic of?
Author This is Just to Say
William Carlos Williams
Plot This is Just to Say
The speaker uses the idea of stealing plums to symbolize the loss of virginity or innocence. He is gloating about stealing her virginity and enjoying it so much.
Author of Living in Sin
Adrienne Rich
Plot of Living in Sin
This woman is living with a man unwed. She thought their life together would be perfect but it isn't as great as she thought it would be. She struggles with the fact that what she is doing is a sin. She struggles to make everything work but she continues to fall short.
Author of Married Love
Liz Rosenburg
Plot of Married Love
A married woman struggles with improper thoughts about relationships with other men. She never follows through with her desires. The poem is basically saying that relationships aren't always going to be like you thought they would.
Author of The Jungle Husband
Stevie Smith
Author of Shall I Compare Thee
Plot of Jungle Husband
The speaker is jabbing at his wife. He is out in the jungle, hunting, and drinking. She disproves of his drinking and he is basically saying well you can't stop me now. Similar to This is Just to Say
Why is driver's ed used to help explain points in Learning to Drive?
Learning to drive is a life lesson and adults usually pass on the knowledge of driving just like uncle peck passes on the cycle of molestation.
Setting of A Doll's House
Norway in the late 1800's at Christmas
What is the plot of Shall I Compare Thee?
The speaker is asks the question can I compare you to a summer's day. Throughout the rest of the poem he answers that question and determines that he cannot because she is more wonderful than a summer's day.
Author of Two Songs
Adrienne Rich
The Plot of Two Songs
The speaker is in a monogamous relationship. She discusses how we can pretend to be intellectual but we pass culture and history by having sex. She has sex with her lover, but after the act she is sad because the act is over. She also realizes that they "speak two different languages" either literally or figuratively (they want two different things)
Author of To His Coy Mistress
Andrew Marvell
Why are romance novels not considered literature?
there is very little real world truth to them. They are mass produced and characters and themes seem to be reused.
Plot of To His Coy Mistress
This poem starts out sweet and innocent. The speaker says that if he had all of the time in the world he would worship this woman. He then says that he doesn't so they should just have sex.
What are the differences between dramas (plays) and short stories (narratives)?
-most plays have no narration
-plays are perpetuated by dialogue
-in a play you get a third person view all of the time and a 4th wall perspective (theater is framed like a painting)
-Characters talk out their thoughts
-less description, but enough
-list of characters with relationships
-in a drama the text is the beginning, in a fiction the text is the destination
discussion to audience about situations
How is Marlowe's version of romance different than a romance novel?
It is shorter. He shows the unrealistic perception and how they have different expectations.
Author of The Passionate Shepherd to His Love
Christopher Marlowe
Who is Marlowe a contemporary of?
What kind of poem is the Passionate Shepherd to His Love?
pastoral poem
What do the 3 men realize when they reach the Manger and witness the birth?
he realizes both the joy of birth and the agony of death
What types of poem is Donne famous for writing?
Holy Sonnets
What is interesting about the title of Welcome to Hiroshima?
It is the first line of the poem
Author Death be Not Proud
John Donne
Summary Death Be Not Proud
The speaker is mocking death saying it is not powerful because God provides us with eternal life
I Death Be Not Proud What does the speaker's arrogance and boastfulness show?
his underlying fear of death
Plot of Harlem
It discussing how Harlem seemed like it would be a place that ended racism but that hope was put on hold. Hughes discusses what might happen to a dream put on hold. Is it bothersome, makes you sick, a trophy, burden, or will burst violently.
What is a pastoral poem?
poem that concerns itself with the simple life of country folk or describes that life in stylized idealized terms; people are always young
Plot The Passionate Shepherd to His Love
The seaker describes the farm life as wonderful and he will give her anything she desires from what surrounds them.
Author Dirge
Kenneth Fearing
Setting of Dirge
1930's after the stock market crash
Theme of Dirge
Things come and go and everything is trivial, death ultimately conquers
Author Do not Go Gentle into the Good Night
Dylan Thomas
What are the 3 types of men the speaker talks about in Do not go Gentle?
good, wild, and grave
Why does the speaker repeat rage in do not go gentle?
He wants his father to rage (fight) death
Plot of Do not go gentle
The speaker's father is on his death bed and he notices that death has turned him from a mean man to a nice man giving into death. He doesn't understand life since he completely changed in death.
Author of After a Death
Roo Borson
What does the speaker use as a symbol in After a death?
a chair
What does the chair represent to the speaker in After a Death?
lack of someone but also a place needing to be filled
What does the speaker in After a Deat come to realize?
Her love could not save him
Who wrote at the hospital?
David Ferry
What is unique about Lady Lazarus?
It seems like this was extremely personal and not meant for anyone to read.
Author Spring and Fall
Gerard Manley Hopkins
use of similar consonants
Summary of Spring and Fall
A child cries because the leaves are changing and there is nothing to prevent it. The speaker realizes the child is secrely frieving his own passing without realizing it.
Author Mid-Term Break
Seamus Heaney
Author of The Road Not Taken
Robert Frost
Setting How I Learned to Drive
Rural Maryland mainly in the 1960's
Summary of The Road Not Taken
The writer has a choice between two roads. He choses one and decides he made a good choice but in the end he realizes it doesn't matter because he can never go back and try the other road. The poem is about circumstances not smart choice.
In the road not taken what does the *sigh* at the end mean?
What if
Author of Death of a young son
Margaret Atwood
Speaker "Death of a Young Son"
Susanna Moodie
How did the boy die in Mid-Term Break
he was hit by a car
Summary of Mid-Term Break
The speaker's younger brother dies and he reveals his grief and lack of understanding by describing the actions and emotions of those around him
In Death of a Young Son, what is the flag symbolic of?
A new Land
Summary of Death of a Young Son
Susanna Moodie came on a boat to Canada, there she had a son who dies very young and she feels like he is her investment and now she has to bury him
What makes the poem death of a young son unique?
creates a character, setting, and plot
Author Here I am
Roger McGough
What is interesting when you look at the poem here I am?
It is in an hour glass shape
Summary of Here I Am
All the things the author hasn't done in his old age and all the opportunitiees he missed . He regrets not doing anything crazy.
Author The Lamb
William Blake
What does the lamb allude to?
a nusery rhyme
What is the lamb symbolic of?
innocence and sacrifice
What type of poem by sound is the lamb?
lyric poem
Theme of A Doll's House
supports the ideas of feminism and basically says there is no such thing as a perfect "Victorian" family
Summary of The Lamb
Discusses the creator and the objects of creation the first stanza asks the question "who made you?" the second stanza answers the question
Theme How I Learned to Drive
history of child abuse and indicates it is a vicious cycle
Who wrote The Tyger
William Blake
What is the difference in rhythm between the lamb and the tyger
It is much heavier and sharper in the tyger
What is the struucture of the Tyger?
It first asks a question but there is no clear answer
What does the Tyger stand for? The lamb?
tyger- all that is evil
lamb- all that is good
Summary of the Tyger
Discusses the evil aspects of the world and how God must have made those too and wondering why he did so and if he got pleasure from it
What aspects of religion might Blake be discussing in the Tyger?
the dark, heavy aspects that no one talks about
Author of Dover Beach
Matthew Arnold
What is Arnold comparing the beach to?
The church
What is Dover Beach discussing?
the church's inability to hold everyone together. He leaves us with a sense of turbulent times that can only be conquered by clinging to one another for support.
Author Consider This
John Milton
What is the main theme in Consider This?
Is his life based on free will or predestination?
Summary of Batter My Heart
The writer wants God to beat his heart into submission. He wants to become obsessed with God so he can get rid of his other addictions.
Theme Barbie Doll
The world sets up this image of perfection which causes the downfall to one little girl who, only in death achieves "perfection"
Who writes holy sonnets?
John Donne
What is the meaning of logos? ethos? pathos?
logos- logical
pathos- feeling
Author Journey of the Magi
T.S. Elliot
Author of God's Grandeur
Gerard Manley Hopkins
What does usurped town refer to in Batter my heart?
taken over by an intruder
Summary of The Nymph's Reply to the Shepherd
It is a reply to the passionate shepherd. It basically says I know life won't be wonderful and it will be hard. She also knows nothing will last, his feelings will change and youth is not eternal
Author of A Doll's House
Henrick Ibsen
the play focuses more on real-life and social commentary. The purpose is to get people talking and that talk is under debate.
Fantastical and overdone cheesy bad guys and perfect heros
What type of play is A doll's House?
What is the Central problem in a Doll's House?
Nora forged her father's signature to save her husband's life
How is Nora first shown?
stereotypical wife, she seems spoiled
What is a motfi in A Doll's House?
Why is Dr. Rank important?
Doctors usually save and diagnose the social situation
Why is it odd (ironic) to kill off Dr. Rank?
irony- Dr. normally save lives
- when they kill off Dr. Rank we have no social situation commentator, so the audience must determine it for themselves
Why might the door slam off stage instead of onstage?
to change focus from the door to Torvald
Nora's wife who is a bank manager
Dr. Rank
a family friend who is dying from an inherited disease
the main character who is struggling with her marriage
the villian who blackmails Nora
Nora's old friend who came to visit Nora in hopes of getting a job
In a play, what is the key to getting the point across?
the performance, it changes our reaction
What is Krogstand looking for when he comes over?
his money and to tell Nora he better be able to keep his job
Why doesn't Torvald want Krogstad around?
they used to be friends and Krogstad treats him like a friend instead of a superior
What are the different faces Nora puts on?
meek little person; free spirited and strong, plays the victim
What is Nora's relationship with Dr. Rank?
she can be open with him they have a more equal relationship
Why does Nora flirt with Rank?
She wants to get money off of him
Why does it bother her when Rank says he loves her?
the idea of being loved by an equal is foreign to her
What happened between Kristin and Krogstad?
Kristin left him at the alter. They go through rough times. Her husband dies and leaves her nothing and he has forged a name and no one respects him
What does Nora think has to happen before they can have a happy relationship?
They both have to change. She needs to grow up and he needs to love her as a wife and equal.
Author How I learned to Drive
Paula Vogel
Why do we discuss How I Learned to Drive?
This kind of thing happens all of the time and needs to be discussed.
Why is how i learned to drive not preformed in realism?
It would be too intense and the audience would be drawn from it and not relate
What does the scene before the 1st molestation scene show about Lil' Bit's mom?
she knew but she didn't try to stop it
What happens on the bus and why does Vogel use this?
Lil' Bit seduces a young boy; shows the continuous cycle
Did Lil' Bit ever have the choice to stop the abuse?
Why did Vogel put the scene of the 1st molestation at the end of the play?
It leaves you feeling more sympathy for Lil' Bit and shows she never had a choice
What two things does Peck encourage Lil' Bit to order what does this tell the audience?
oysters and alcohol, he may give her a choice but he sets the scene
Lil' Bit
Main character who is molested
Uncle Peck
Aunt Mary
Uncle Peck's wife
What is ironic about the secrets in How I learned to Drive?
Everyone knows about them
What is the role of music in the play?
sets a tone for the secene and allows lil bit to focus on the moment, not the background with it she can tune out everything but what she wants to hear
What does Vogel's play attack?
the perfect american family; it never really existed
Theme Church Going
the speaker visits a number of churches he contemplates why he does this. He realizes people are naturally drawn to churches. The poem has an agnostic feel and he finds it ironic that people coome looking for answers and when they leave all that is left is the building and dead bodies
In a Doll's House what are problems in the marriage considered?
Social diseases, we all inherit them, they don't affect just one person
Plot Far Cry from Africa
A man is struggling to decide whether he should chose his native country (England) or the country he was born and raised in (Africa). He doesn't want to fully embrace one because he loses the benefits of the other.
Author Batter My Heart Three-Personed God
John Donne
Plot God's Grandeur
People have tried for years to be God-like; destroying the world to improve it but as much as we destroy the planet , God hasn't given up on us
Who wrote Yet Do I Marvel?
Countee Cullen
Plot Yet Do I Marvel
Cullen compares God's works; good and bad, and discusses why God would do this
Who wrote What's that Smell?
Marge Piercy
Who wrote Fredrick Douglas?
Robert Hayden
What is Yet Do I Marvel?
God and why he has things good and bad and why he punishes some
What's the structure of Fredrick Douglas?
sonnet by structure
14 lines and 1 stanza but the structure is played with a little
What is Fredrick Douglas About?
The poem discusses freedom and how no matter how free we think we are, we won't truly be free until we no longer think of freedom as a thing. It is instinctive.
Author of Journey of the Magi
T.S. Eliot
old law
What do the 3 trees foreshadow in Journey of the Magi?
death of Christ
What does the old white horse foreshadow in Journey to the Magi?
Summary of Journey of the Magi
3 wise men's journey to see the birth
Who wrote Wit?
Margaret Edson
What is the setting of Wit?
a university hospital
Plot Summary of Wit
Vivian Bearing is a renowned professor who is dying of cancer.
Vivian Bearing
a professor of seventeenth century poetry who specializes in the holy sonnets of John Donne
What is the theme of Wit?
 The young doctor, like the senior scholar, prefers research to humanity. At the same time the senior scholar in her pathetic state as a simpering victim, wishes the young doctor would take more interest in personal contact
Harvey Kelekian
The main doctor doing research on treating Vivian’s cancer.
Jason Posner
resident assisting with the cancer research.
E.M. Ashford
her old professor
Mr. Bearing
her father
Susie Monahan
The nurse
How does the direct address to the audience change the audience's reaction to the play in Wit?
 It changes the point of view of how we see the play. You respond and react to the situation. It pulls the audience in to the story more. Gives the audience a responsibility
What do we learn from how Vivian presents herself?
 She is not shy. She is a workaholic. She tends to retreat into her zone where she is comfortable and superior. It keeps her outside of her problems.
What does the split dialogue in Wit demonstrate to the audience?
Shows Vivian's separation from the problem at hand.
What are the differences between how doctors and nurses handle their patients in Wit?
- Doctors- they look at it scientifically as an experiment. They have a different approach to the person
-Nurses- she sees the patient as a person and feels compassion for them
What is the problem with asking "How do you feel?" instead of just looking at a chart?
o You don’t get all of the facts but then again, you need to know how they feel. It needs to be a combination basically to make you feel like the doctors care. Human connection is just as important as factual information.
How has Vivian been living her life?
She avoids human connection until she is nearing the end.
What is indicated when Vivian pinches her IV?
She shows she needs human connection when she pinches her IV.
What happens in college that shows Vivian doesn't know how to be social?
When she is in college, she writes a paper about John Donne. Her professor is telling her to actually grasp the concepts of the poem and do what they say. Basically he is telling her to live her life and enjoy life. She is uncomfortable in social situations so she goes back to where she is comfortable. This doesn’t help her understand what she is studying.
Why is Jason nervous at the beginning when he is giving her a pelvic exam?
He is a resident and has probably never performed an exam before.
What is the connection between Jason and Vivian personality wise?
o Vivian and Jason mirror each other. They both cannot make that human connection. Vivian is not a good person or a good professor because she can’t make that connection. Without that connection her students can’t fully learn anything. Jason cannot be a good doctor because he cannot make a human connection. Jason prided himself in taking her class only because it made him look good. It doesn’t show that he learned anything.
How does Jason change throughout the play?
o He becomes cockier and surer of himself. He still has that cold mechanical approach to everything.
Why is the phrase “I noticed my body” significant in Wit?
It shows that she finally had to get out of her head.
What does the scene with her father show?
It shows us that she and her father are just alike. There is a history of this mentality.
What is the significance of “in isolation, I am isolated. For once I can use that term literally”?
It reveals her life. Vivian has refused to make a human connection and she has isolated herself. She is still just as isolated as she has always been and has always been isolated. She doesn’t really understand the meaning of a word she has been living all of her life
What is Wit?
o To be funny, humorous and make people laugh. It also means you have such a deep understanding of something that you can manipulate it to be funny.
What does Vivian like about John Donne's poems?
His use of wit. She feels like she is a witty person. Ironically, she misses most things.
What are some uses of Wit in the play?
oUnwitting accomplice- in opening monologue- it means in that instance to mean involuntary- this is referring to the humor of the play. She wants to be witty not humorous. The difference is that wit is intellectual humor or mocking something but humor can be mindless.
The plays on the use of wit are ironic
•She is a professor of wit but is unwitting
oBrevity is the soul of wit
What does Vivian mean when she says time moves slowly but at the same time it is scarce?
There is not a lot of time but all the pain makes her feel like it is standing still.
What does Vivian want at the end of the play?
To have fun and enjoy her life
What is the conflict at the end of Wit?
They don’t know about the DNR order. She has become data and not a person
What does Jason think research is?
To make the puzzle more complex and a new challenge
What is the real reason one should do research? (Wit)
In medicine you are meant to solve the problem and learn something from your research.
What does Peck say about driving?
It is the only place he feels in control. This can relate to the fact that Peck always tries to make lil bit feel in control
How is Lil Bit’s family?
Every conversation they have is inappropriate and offensive. When she is out with uncle peck driving, she almost feels safer.
What are some secrets in How I Learned to Drive?
Lil Bit is being molested but the family knows a little bit
She is kicked out of college by drinking out of it
She doesn’t tell Peck she dropped out
Peck is molested… (maybe by his mother)