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Linguistics is the _______ of language and how it works.
Humans are equipped for speech __________ and __________.
Production and perception.
Language specificity is what is ______ to a language
English is the ________ branch of the ____-european languages
Germanic, indo
In ___ AD, Christianity brought latin and a tradition of writing
Regarding phonetics:
Articulatory is to production as
Acoustic is to _________ as
Auditory is to __________.
Articulatory is to production as acoustic is to mechanics as auditory is to perception
The vocal tract is composed of the _______, ____ cavity and _____ cavity.
The vocal tract is composed of the pharynx, oral cavity and nasal cavity.
The space between vocal chords is called the _______
In the IPA, the symbols on the left are _________ and the symbols on the right are ______.
Voiceless, voiced
The four states of the glottis are _________, ______, _______ and ______.
Voiceless, voiced, whisper, murmer
Segments are studied and validified by _____ __ ___ ______
Slips of the tongue
The three classes of sounds are __________, ______, and ______.
Consonants, vowels, and glides
Broad transcription is to segments as narrow transcription is to _______.
Bilabial is to both lips as labial-dental is to ____ ______.
Lips teeth