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what does observing involve
sight,hearing,touch,taste, smell
what is inffering
explain or interpret things you observe
explain stuff you observe
what is predicting
making a forcast of what will happen in the future
what will happen in the futuer
how is classifying useful
it proccesses the grouping together of data
grouping stuff together
what are models
representation of objects
what is life science
the study of living things
living things
------- is a way of learning about the natural world
what are the five sences scientist use to learn more about the world
observing, predicting, making models, inferring, classifying
titles of paragraphs
what is observing
useing one or more of your sences to gather information
gathering information
what is quanitive
useing numbers
can some information not be seen on a model
life science is also known as
what is life science
the study of living things
what is scientific inquiry
diverse ways in which scientist study the natural world and explations based on the evidence they gather
ways to study the world
what is a testable hypotheses
reaserchers must be able to carry out an investigatiion and gather evidence that will either support or disprove the hypoeses
carry gather
what is a responding variable
a factor that may changein responce to themanipulated variable
may change
what is an operational definition
a statement that describes how to mesure a particular varible or define a term
what is a manipulated variable
the variable that is purposly changed to test a hypotheses
what is a controlled experiment
only one variable is manipulated at one time
a factor that can be changed in an experiment
what is data
evidence gatherd by observations
what is a conclusion
a summary of what you have learned in an expirement
form a
design an
collect and interpret
what is technology
how people change the world around them to meet every day needs
what is the goal of technology
to improve the way people live
a person trained in tech and science is a
what does society mean
people who live together in a gruop or area with certain things in common
when should you start preparing for a lab
1 day before
if you are unclear about something
ask your teacher
possible hazards when working in the field are
severe westher, trafic, wild animals, poisonous plants