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Diana VS. California State Board of Education
Very significant case and the first of it's kind.

9 students were placed in EMR clases based inappropriate intelligence tests. Now, students cannot be placed in Special Ed classes if the intelligence test is culturally biased or not written in their first language.
Covarrubias VS. San Diego Unified School District
(Revision of Diana vs. CSBE)
12 black and five Mexican-American students.

Any revision of testing methods must recognize the cultural influence of the child's environment when determining the learning ability of a student.
Pennsylvania Association or Retarded Citizens (PAEC) VS. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
No MR child could be denied a free public education. No child in PA could have their education status changed without procedural due process. The state was obligated to place each MR child in a free public program of education and training appropriate to his/her capacity.
mental retardation
Extreme Mental Retardation
Mills VS. Board of the District of Columbia
This extended the right of a free, appropriate public education and due process procedures to handicapped children other than MR
Le Banks VS Spears
Specified that all accomodations for education be made with the presumption that placement in a regular public school class with appropriate services is preferable to special public school classes
Public Laws
PL 85-928
Provided grants to institutions of higher learning and to state education agencies for training professionals who would train teachers of students with mental retardation
PL 45-186
Authorized for the first time federal funds to provide materials for a specific group of handicapped citizens (in this case, the American Printing House for the Blind).
Cooperative Research Act
2/3 appropriated for the act was directed to be spent on research related to the education of individuals with MR
PL 93-112
The Vocational Rehabilitation Act. Prohibited discrimination against individuals with disabilities.
PL 94-142
The Education for All Handicapped Children Act. THE most comprehensive education legislation to guarantee free appropriate education for every child with a disability.
PL 99-457
The Education of the Handicapped Amendments of 1986 created new early intervention programs for infants and toddlers under 2 and ensued properly trained personnel
PL 101-336
The Americans With Disabailities Act (ADA)

Designed to mainstream disabled people into American Life by eliminating discrimination in private sector employment, all public services, and public accomodations, transporation, and telecommunications