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metric system
data is recorded during an experiment, many times this data will be some sort of measurement. Metric units con measure length, volume, mass, weight, density, and temperature
usually measured in meters, centimeters, millimeters, and kilometers
light year
used to measure distances outside the solar system. Light travels at about 300, 000 km pwr a second- in one year it travels 3.9 strillim kms.
the amount of space an object takes up.
liquids- litters of mL
solids measured in cubic centimeters
equation for volume
length x width x heighth
measures the amount of matter in an object usually measured in kg, mg
the measure of attraction between 2 objects due to gravity
what unit is weight measured in?
newtons (n)
mass per unit volume
What is the equation for density?
mass/ volume
meaured in degrees celcius. Water freezes at 0 degrees celcius and boils at 100 degrees celcius
What is the formula for changing C-F?
C1.8 plus 32
Formula for changing F-C
-32 x .5555
dimentional analysis
teh term for converted one unit of measurement to another
used to view and magnify objects in space. There are a variety of types that detect different types of light
Electromagnetic Spectrum
consists of visible and invisible light
visible light
this is what is collected by telescopes.
What colors are considered to be visible light.
Roy G biv, red, orange,yellow, green, blue, indego, violet
Invisible light
consists of x-rays, ultraviolent rays, and radio waves (stars give off both visible and invisible light
name the 4 telescopes that detect invisible light and what kind of light.
Radio telescope: collects radio waves from space
X-ray telescope: X-ray of stars in space
Infrared telescope: detects heat energy which is given off by objects in space or on earth
Ultaviolet telescope: detects UV rays
What are the 2 telescopes which collect visible light and what are their definitions
1. Optical Telescope- collects and focuses visible light from distant objects, they are used frequently in large observatories and there are 2 types.
a. Reflecting Telescope- a series of mirrors collects light. (Use of mirrors means image is backwards.)
b. Refracting Telescope
What is the other telescope which detects visible light
reflecting telescope a series of mirrors collects light which means the image is backwards.
a millionth of a meter
a billionth of a meter
billionth of a meter