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all things are in God but not God.God is changing all the time, always molding Himself in a way that relates to humans. God relates/experiences creation and is affected by it
Classical Theism
absolute categories of God/creation. Platonic thought of the O.T. Unmoved mover
God and creation are equal
product of Enlightenment/age of reason. God and creation are distinct and distant, God is unknowable. Agnostic
life is meaningless, so try to enjoy it. God is not. Ludwig Feuerbach is the father of Atheism
salvation army, we are to be out serving others for God
Roman Catholic Church
good news is proclaimed, evangelical
marked by their existence, living out their faith in Christ in the world, not known for preaching, make a difference, but we don’t expect others to understand us
Mystical Communion
A group of people connected by the Spirit. Home churches or charismatic churching. No bulletin b/c they are afraid the service won’t just go where it needs to go. Loosely organized.
Jesus is the substitute for our sins
"Christus Victor" claimed to be 1at atonement theory. Christ is risen from the dead, beat the devil.
accomplished through Jesus Christ on the cross in his crucifixion or sacrifice. He fulfilled the wrath and indignation of God.
Ludwig Feuerbach
father of Atheism
Karl Rahner
“the economic Trinity is the immanent trinity, and vice versa.” Economic trinity is the trinity of the Bible (trinity is never specifically referenced in the Bible.) Immanent trinity-trinity of the creeds
Karl Barth
church dogmatics-theology is God. God must reveal Himself to Humans, we can’t get to God. Theology starts with God, not humans.
D. Bonhoeffer
fought against the Nazi party, confessing church
mutual inter-penetration and indwelling within the threefold nature of the Trinity, God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
salvation by knowledge
R. Neigbur
realism and neo-orthodoxy (Karl Barth)
the belief that Jesus was exclusively devine and merely appeared to be human. gnostic heresy, Paul said this was one way to root out false believers
Roman Catholic sacraments
a religious rite ordained by Jesus Christ and believed to be a formal means of receiving God’s grace
Early Christological creeds and hymns
included stanzas about Father, spirit, son…believed in and lived out the trinity. Prayer in the name of the Father, spirit, son.
apostles' creed
Jesus is the main part of the trinity, more words are devoted to Him
Nicene Creed
more metaphysical, Jesus is God! (not made from God, begotten of God) More descriptive of the H.S., giver of life.
Process Theology
an approach to theology, influenced by the process philosophy of Alfred North Whitehead, that conceives of everything, including God, in terms of change or “becoming” rather than static being
the belief that Jesus’ body and blood are spiritually present in a special way in the bread and wine of communion
the belief that God miraculously transforms the bread and whine of communion into the essence of the body and blood of Jesus
the belief that God is a single person who appears in various personages (or modes) but never ceases to be one (Unitarianism)
High Christology
Is Jesus God? This is why Paul wrote to the Colossians
Low Christology
Docetism. Dokeo-"to seem, appear"
a millennialism
no real melenium, spiritual metaphor. This is Heavan coming down to Earth. Battle of good and evil.
Post Millenialismn
Christ will come at the end of the 1000 years. He will meet the church and rule together. 1000 years comes at the end of time.
Pre millennialism
getting worse, God will grab us before we all die.
official teachings or doctrines, sanctioned by churches or other Christian organizations
John Cobb
Methodist theologian who played an important role in process theology
Love of God
I accept Jesus as my savior, but will I accept Jesus. Christ gave us new life, do we feel a responsibility to live for him.
doctrine of the Holy Spirit
Søren Kierkegaard
criticized the church of denmark. Danish philosopher/theologian.