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What's a shakuhachi?
japanese flute, 1-1/8' long, played by air blown directly across the cut. Difficult for breath control, pitch blending.
Who are the Komoso?
Masterless samurai turned monks. Formed a sect of Zen Buddhism. "blowing Zen" became their meditative practice.
What's a koto?
Japanese piano, has a large repertoire of solos and chamber ensemble works for koto and other instruments. Children especially girls were taught to play the koto.
What's a Taiko?
"Drum" or a "Great Drum", feudal japan used to motivate troops for battle. Drums are also used in Shinto Shrines, drumming used to celebrate a successful harvest.
"New Tradition"
Started by San Fransico. Taiko Dojo formed in 1968 by Selichi Tanaka. Model for all other taiko doho in US and Japan. Now numbers over 200 students for the ages 4-60+.
San Fransico Taiko Dojo
Kumi daiko= ensemble made of various sizes and toher percussion. Mixed music with demanding choreography and staging
Today Taiko
In US in particular they are symbol of ethinic pride, some dohos only open to Japenese American.
Fresno Gumyo Taiko
Youth Taiko group.
Associated with Betsun Buddhist tempo