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1. What is the definition of a virus?
infection, replication, viability?

What is a virion?
Obligate intracellular parasites
Infect all living things (bacteria-plants-animals)
Replicate only within cells
Viability outside of cells variable (hours-days-weeks-years)

individual virus particles
2. Which cannot survive in the gut: naked nucleocapsid or enveloped capsid?

What are three structural protein?

which virus is an nucleocapsid?
Naked can, enveloped capsid cannot.
Counter intuitive

Capsid, (Both)
Matrix, (naked)
envelope Glycoproteins

enveloped virus
3. What are adsoption, penetration, uncoating?

uncoating leads to what 2 things?
How the virus attaches tot he cell
Entry into the cell
Release of nucleic acid from capsid

replication of nucleic acid and production of viral proteins
4. What is budding?

Descrbe the herpes Virus?
nucleic acid, envelope, replication?
envelop push though the cell wall and virus escapes.

DS DNA, envelop from nuclear membrane,
rep in the nucleus
5. Which of the following have + and - polarity

6. Describe the repication of DNA viruses and the main enzyme and the first proteins made?
DNa dependent ploymerase begins transcription of viral DNA, produce mRna, and goes to ribosome, 1st proteins are made and are called immediate early proteins and with the help of viral Rna dependent polymerase go back into the nucleus and finish the transcription.
7. Important differnece between Positive polarity SS RNA and Negative polarity?
+ RNA serves as mRNA

- Genomic RNA must be copied first and copy used at mRNA

+ pol goes to the ribosome first b/c it is mRNA and the RDRP is already coded for
- pol need to use the copy itself immediately by RDRP - then it can do to rib
8. What does the RNA-dependent RNA polymerase do for the genome of the + ss RNA?
The polymerase makes a (-) strand template from the genome and replicates the genome. (It stays negative)
9. With regards to Negative Polarity?
what makes the copy of the genomic RNA that also serves as mRNA?
Copy made by virion-associated RNA-dependent RNA polymerase
Neg makes a Positive strand, then the positve template is used to make more neg strads.
10. Except for influenza viruses, transcription and replication of negative-strand RNA viruses occur where?
Except for influenza viruses, transcription and replication of negative-strand RNA viruses occur in the cytoplasm.
11. What is a provirus?
provirus is a retrovirus that has integrated itself into the DNA of a host cell. To do this, the RNA of the retrovirus was transcribed into DNA by reverse transcriptase in the cytoplam, then inserted into the host genome by an integrase.
12. Describe three kinds of therapys for retroviruses?
immunoadhesions, reverse transcriptase, protease inhibitors.