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the process by which we transform what we perceive , think, or feel into an enduring memory
the process of maintaining information in memory over time
the process of bringing to mind information in memory over time
elaborative encoding
the process of actively relating new information to knowledge that is already in memory
visual imagery encoding
the process of storing new information by converting it into mental pictures
organizational encoding
the act of categorizing information by noticing the relationships among a series of items.
memory storage
the process of maintaining information in memory over time
sensory memory store
the place in which sensory information is kept for a few seconds or less
iconic memory
a fast-decaying store of visual information
echoic memory
a fast-decaying store of auditory information
short-term memory store
a place where nonsensory information is kept for more than a few seconds but less than a minute
the process of keeping information in short-term memory by mentally repeating it.
combining small pieces of information into larger clusters or chunks that are more easily held n short-term memory
working memory
active maintenance of information in short-term storage