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Who built what is considered the first computer?
The Chinese; An Abacus
What is computer language called?
Binary is made up of what two numbers?
What is the smallest unit of information recognized by a computer?
How many Bit's are in a Byte?
What are 8 Bit's called?
A Byte
Approximately how many bytes are in a Megabyte?
1 million
Approximately how many bytes are in a Gigabyte?
1 billion
Approximately how many bytes are in a Terabyte?
1 thousand gigabytes.
Communications can travel in _______ and ________.
Serial or Parallel
This type of communications travels one bit after the other.
This type of communications travels along side by side lines.
Half of a byte is called a?
A kilobyte is approximately how many bytes?
1 thousand
Binary numbers are in one of two states. What are they?
On or Off
Computers componets can be categorized into four areas. What are they?
Processing, Input, Output, I/O(Input/Output), and Support
CPU stands for what, and what category of componet is it?
Central Processing Unit, Processing.
What part of a computer is considered the brain?
Microprocessors are made of thousands of these.
This electrical device consists of many transistors, and other circut elements. First developed in the 1950's.
Integrated Circuit (IC)
What is used to keep timing and synchronization in a computer.
Clock cycle speed is measured in?
Serial or Parallel communications happens on the computer______?
What are the two types of Cache memory? Where are they located?
Level 1, on the processor.
Level 2, near the processor.
Where is virtual memory stored?
The Hardrive.
If the power supply fan goes bad what do you do?
Replace the whole power supply. Never open it.
A power supply is rated by what measurement? Ex; 200____.
P8 and P9 connectors are used to supply what?
Power from the power supply to a mother board.
What type of connector is standard for supplying power to a floppy drive?
Berg, or Mini
What type of connector is standard for supplying power to a hardrive or CD Rom drives?
The colored wire on a ribbon cable is pin#?
What are four types of power problems that can hurt your computer?
Spikes, Sags, Brownouts, and Blackouts.
What does UPS stand for?
Uninterrubtible Power Supply
What is a common tool you wear to prevent electro-static discharge from damaging you computer when you work on it.
Anti-static wrist strap
Will a device that is damaged by ESD always fail.
No. It might have intermittant failures.
To prevent build-up of ESD what range should you keep the relative humidity?
The best way to put a computer back together is to do what when taking it apart?
Document the disassembly.
What was the first large scale degital electronic computer project called?
ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Intergrator and Computer)
What two items play the largest role in determining CPU performance?
Speed and Data bus size
Should I replace a bad power supply with one that has a smaller rating?
When connecting the two plugs on an AT-style board, what two wires should be side-by-side?
The black wires
An ATX board would use a single power connector with how many pins?