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Who first called first three gospels "synoptic"?
J.J. Griesbach
In what three ways are they alike?
structure, content, tone
What is the shared structure?
geographical sequence, from Galilee to the north to Judea to Jerusalem
What is the shared tone?
"rapid-fire action" as compared to John's "more meditative"
How were the synoptic developed? (criticisms)
redaction (final authorship)
what are six assumptions of form criticism?
1-stories circulated in small units
2-responsibility of transmission is with community
3-stories and sayings of Jesus took on standard forms
4-story and sayings allow for 'Sitz im Leben' (setting in life)
5-early Christian community formed and modified accounts
6-age and historical trustworthiness of particular pericopes
Cautions of Form Criticism
more gospel material may have existed and now assimilated in larger units
careful not to impose forms on material
setting in life must be treated with skepticism
transmission process is suspect
what is known as the "synoptic problem"?
Source Critisism
what are some hypothesies for the synoptics?
common dependence on 1 original
common dependence on Oral sources
common dependence on gradually developing written fragments
What are the three supported theories of Interdependence?
Augustinian-Matt. 1st, Mark from Matt., Luke from Matt. and Mark
Two-Gospel-Matt. 1st, Luke 2nd, Mark dependent on two
Two-Source-Matt and Luke used Mark and "Q" independently
What are 5 points for Markan priority?
1-brevity of Mark
2-verbal agreements among gospels (matt and luke rarely agree)
3-order of events
4-Mark's awkward/primitive style
5-Mark's primitive theology
Who proposed "Q"?
What is "Q"?
German "quelle" meaning source