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what are the 4 primary areas which navigation is divided?
Piloting, Dead Reckoning, Celestial Navigation & Radio Navigation
How it the term Piloting defined?
The movement of a vessel with continuous reference to landmarks, aids to nav,depth sounding and radio nav.
how is the term dead reckoning defined?
projecting the ships intended course and speed from a known point.
dead reckoning does not consider the effects of wind or current.
Celestial navigation is defined as the method of obtaining the ship's position by observing the sun, moon, stars and planets
what accuracy may an experienced QM obtain a celestial fix in relation to the ships position?
1/10 mi
celestial nav is accomplished by measuring the hight of a celestial body above which of the following pionts?
radio nav uses radar pulses to determine a ship's position
Radio nav is sometimes reffered to as what type of navigation?
The most basic and important problem facing the navigator is determining which of the following values?
The term position refers to a known point on earth.
On charts direction is measured in polar units using the angular coordinate system.
The polar coordinate system is based on which of the following positions?
North and South pole
How many feet are in a nautical mile?
Navigation is based on what type of time?
24-hour clock
Which lines are considered to be great circles?
The Equator & a plane passing through the center of the earth
what line it not considered a great circle?
On navigation charts what are parallels called?
Lines of Latitude are parallel to which of the following reference points?
What is the maximum number of Latitude?
Latitude is measured north to south of the equator using what?
Degrees, Minutes, Seconds
Why is the greenwich meridian called the prime meridian?
It divides the earth in half
How is Longitude measured?
East to West throughout 180 degree's
A nautical chart is like a road map for the world's oceans and inland waterways.
what can be found on nautical charts?
Parallels, Meridians, Aids to navigation
In what vicinity is the distortion greatest on a Mercator projection chart?
At the poles
How do parallels appear on a Mercator projection chart?
As curved lines that bend toward the top of the chart
One of the advantages of a Mercator projection Chart is that rhumb lines appear as what type of lines?
What is the advantage of a Gnomonic projection chart?
Plots great circles as straight lines.
what best describes a chart scale?
The larger the scale the smaller the area
what scale ratio would show the greatest detail?
1 to 50.000
Nautical charts are published by DMAHTC and what other agency?
National ocean service
On a Small Scale chart, how is each degree usually broken down?
Into minutes only
On the earths surface 1 degree of latitude is equivalent to how many nm?
60.0 nm
if you are at lat 36.30.0N and long 75.30.0W how many NM are you from the equator?