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Define Basso Continuo
a set of chords continuously underlying the melody in a piece of Baroque music
Ground Bass
an "osinato" in the bass
a motive, phrase, or theme repeated over and over
What system was developed by Baroque Musicians
Minor and Major System
Define Opera
drama presented in music with the characters singing instead of speaking
the technique of declaring words musically in a heightened, theatrical manner.
an extended piece for a solo singer that has much more elaboration and coherance than a recitative
Dance "suites"
groups of dances that could be played by an orchestra and enjoyed apart from and actual stage performance
the second source from which composers of instrumental music drew- much left to improvisation, but was beginning to be natated
a composition written systematically in imitative polyphony, usually with a single main theme, the subject
Sectional pieces in which each section repeats certain musical elements while others change around them
What are the approximate years of the Baroque Period?
What are some characteristics of the Baroque Period?
rise of instrumental music, solo voice more important than vocal polyphony, clear rhythms, major and minor tonality
Ostinato bass
persistan or obstinate bass, short musical gesture repeated over and over again, in the bass or anywhere else, especially one used as a building block for a piece of music
single melody line with accompaniment
Functional Harmony
every chord serves a function- tolead the listener back to the central tone or tonic
Baroque used more use of _________ and ________ to express the text. The main concern being the meaning and how it affected the listeners
chromaticism and dissonance
Baroque period was centered around what country?