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What refers to the selection and managment of marketing channels and the physical distribution of products?
Distribution strategy
what are 2 awesome and effective new ways delivering advertising messages?
undercover marketing and buzz marketing
what are the 6 key points of marketing?
Target markets
Promotion(integrated market communications)
what is marketing mix?
marketing mix is a set of strategic element including product, price, distribution, and marketing communications
what are you doing when you are setting quality of standards, packaging, brand name, sizes, guaruntees and levels of service?
when you are devising a strategy that focuses on marketing practice or unique atributes or differential advantages of a product that are of value to the customers in order to distinguish from all other products of similar nature are, what type of plan is this?
Product differentiation
when you are refering to the selection, managment and the price of a product, what two strategies would you use?
distribution and price strategies
if ipod wanted to support the superbowl because the wanted to get some more advertising out there, what tould this be called?
event marketing
businesses placing greater emphasis on socially responsible marketing is part of what?
public image
cupons, free goods, extra time, and premiums are apart of what?
sales promotions
when a customer is buying something on the more upscale end, what are they buying besides the product?
they are buying atmosphere, brand, image, ect...
why is word of mouth not advertising?
because they are not paying you, word of mouth is just a result of good marketing
what is a strategic alliance?
is a partnering process whereby two firms combine their recources in a marketing venture for the purpose of satisfyingh the customers they share
business orginizations exist to serve their customers, and employees contribute to this as well, what is this?
corporate culture
what is test marketing?
placing a product for sale in one or more geographic areas and observing its performance, as in a marketing plan, and seeing if it would be good to sell in other places as well