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What is an atom?
The smallest particle of a substance
What is an electron shell?
An orbit that can hold a set number of eletrons
What is an amp?
The measurement of electrical current
What is potential?
The capacity of an electrial system
What is a volt?
The unit measurement of potential
What is an ohm?
The measurement of resistance
What is a load in an electrical circuit?
Converts electrical energy to light,heat or mechanical energy
What are three types of connectors used on lighting fixtures?
Edison connector, twist lock and stage pen
What is the typical wiring of an edison connector?
Hot gold, neutral silver and ground green
What are 4 properties of light that influence the way we perceive an object?
Intencity, colour, sharpness and angle
What are the properties of a wave?
Defraction, reflection and refraction
What does refraction mean?
Waves change direction as they pass from one medium to another
What is the point of incidence?
When light strikes the surface
What is the angle of refletion?
The angle between normal and a reflected light ray
What does a diffuse reflector do?
Spreads light over a large area
Name three types of reflectors commonly used in lighting fixtures?
Elipsoidal, Spherical, Parabolic
What is the speed of light?
186, 200 miles/second in a vacuum
What does ERS stand for?
Elliposodal Reflector Spotlight
What is the part of the optic train where the gobos and shutters are placed called?
The gate
What type of reflector is used in a Fresnel fixture?
A spherical reflector
What is a Fresnel commonly used for?
Wash lights
What type of lamp is used in a Par Can?
Wash lights
What is a scoop use for?
Work lights on larger washes
What is the voltage from neutral to hot in a single phase system?
How many wires in a single phase system?
4 wires
What is the voltage across hot legs in a three phase system?
How many wires in a three phase system?
What do circuit breakers do?
Prevent circuit damage during a fault condition
What are the standard gauges of feeder cable?
2-0 and 4-0
What are the standard rack configurations?
What does 96x2.4k mean?
96 Dimmers rated at 240w
How many colors can the human eye perceive?
16.7 million
What is photopigment depletion?
Drains Color receptors
What is color temeperature
measures the whiteness of a color
What is the color temperature of a conventional lighting fixture?
What does CTB filter do?
Boosts the apparent color temperature of a source
What can amber shift be a probelm?
Gels can change color as a fixture dims
What is throw distance?
the distance from a light to the person
If you put a gel into a fixture, how do you determine the footcandle of the fixture?
Multiply the footcandles by the correction factor
How would you figure out how many fixtures you would need to light a stage?
Divide the stage demensions by the beam diameter and multiply together
what are on lighting pipes called?
What are the two types of vertical lighting positions?
Booms and Tail downs
How are the lighting fixtures on a boom numbered?
From top to bottom
What are types oof accessories can be included with a lighting fixture on a plot?
Gobo, Scrollers, Barn doors
After all fixtures are on the light plot, what do you have to add?
Fixture Information
What is drafting Paper called
What two types of pencils can be used in a draft?
Mechanical Pencils and Lead holders
What type of of fixtures are memory boards designed to operate?
What types of lights are moving light consoles designed to operate?
Moving Lights
How many cues can be stored in the express 24/48?
How many pages and how many submasters per page on the express 24/48?
10 pages and 24 submasters
What is a captured channel?
One that is in a look that you dont have level control over
How do you record a cue on the express?
"Record" "cue" "number" "enter"
Where do you set up a chase on the express?
Blind mode
If you are not using all 512 channels of dmx do you need to send all 512 channels of information?
Why shouldnt DMX be used to control pyro?
Constantly refreshing
How is a Hi signal generated?
Highs are sent where (+)at a high potential than the (-)wire
What is a DMX universe
Control 512 channels of information
WHat is the most important peice of gear for good DMX data transmission?
The cable
Define Form?
How light reveals an Object
Define Color
The visable spectrum
Define Distribution
The placement of light and shadow on stage
Define Movement
Change in color,Intensity and Direction
What is McCandles theory of Lighting
Two front lights offset 45 Degree angle, one warm, one cool, One back light at 45 degrees
Why would we use back light or down light?
Separate the person from the background
What is a key light
Primary light source
Other than front, back,and down, what are two other angles of light you might use on stage?
Floor, sides and high sides
What is the first thing you should do to prepare for a design
Become familiar with the material
What is a cue list?
A list of cues placements and basic lighting looks
How is a dimmer hook up organized
by dimmer number
Why would you place cues in the script?
So you can get an idea where cues should happen
What is a corporate event
Anual meeting, Product launches, Fund raisers
What is the best way to light a podium?
3 point lighting
What is a problem with back lighting a podium?
Glare on the telepromter
What elements of the production might need to be light?
Lecturn, scenery,Dimemrs, Shows and break out rooms
What are the parts of a camera?
Lens, Apeture,CCD,View finder
What does CCD stand for?
Charged coupled device
What part of the eye i sthe ccd comarable to?
The reitna
What type of light would you want to use for a key light?
ERS,Fresnel in a spot mode, a par
What type of fixture would make a good fill light?
Fresnel in flood mode
Why do you need to white balence a camera?
Telling the camera what to use as white
What is contrast ratio?
Difference between light and dark areas
How does an LED work?
Electrons move between the conductor plates
How does neon work?
High Voltage causes gas in a tube
What are fiber optic
Thin strands of glass used to transmitt light
How do fiber optics work?
Light is reflected inside a thin glass fiber
How is laser created?
Excited atoms release photons
What is an Arbor?
Holds counter weight
What is the purpose of the fire curtain?
Keep the fire from entering the audience
What is one requirement of a fall arest system?
Must be continous
What are two types of fall arrest systems?
Active and Passive
What does a lanyard do?
Slows down your desent in case of fall
How does the fall arrest system attach to the truss
at the motor clips
What is a vertical brace?
a small vertical tube that runs from the top of the chord to the bottom chord
What is the end plate?
How the truss is connected together
What is a Gaussett Connector?
A simple connector between truss peices
What are three safe types of loads on a truss?
Point, Distrubuted, 3 point