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What is a proton?
positively charged particles
What is a stable atom?
Electrons equal Protons
what is current?
Flow of electroms from one point to another
What is a Volt
Unit of measurement of the potential
What is an Ohm
The measurement of Resistance
Why can light be considered a particle?
Light can travel in a vacum
what does refraction mean?
Waves change direction as they pass from one medium to another
What is the angle of reflection?
The angle between normal and a reflected light ray
what does a lens do?
Bend and Focus light
What 3 conditions influence the bending of light through a lens?
ratio between incidences of refraction, differences in angles of normal, and wavelegnth of light
What was the fresnel lens originally developed for?
What are the lamp designations used in standard Par Cans
What type of lights would you use to light a back drop
Cyn Lights or a strip
How many hot legs in a single phase system?
How many wires in a single phase system?
4 wires
How many hot legs in a 3 phase system?
How many wires in a three phase system?
What are the standard wire colors in a three phase system?
Green, White, Black, Red and Blue
What do Circuit Breakers do?
Prevent ciruit damage durring a fault
What style of racks do dimmers come in?
Portable, Touring, and installed
What are standard rack configuration sizes?
What is a hard wired circuit?
circuit wired directly into a dimmer
What does Hard patched mean?
Physically assign
Why do we have load balence?
Prevent Harmonies
What is an SCR and what does it do?
Its a gate and it turns on and off
What is the Fovea Centralis?
Small area responsible for deatail and color vision
What do rods do?
Allows us to see shapes and brightness but not color of object in low light
What is the visable Spectrum?
What are the primary colors of light?
Red, Blue, Green
What are the secondary Colors?
Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow
How do Gels work?
absorbing unwanted waves
What do cool colors represent?
What is photopigment depletion?
drains color receptors
Why do we use color on stage?
Influences mood, SHow time, location,nature and effects
Why do you have to white balence a camera?
tell camera what to use as white
What does a CTB filter do?
Boost the apparent color temperature of a source
What does Amber shift mean?
As intensity decreases so does the color temperature
Why do we use Photometrics?
Make sure fixtures you choose will do what you think it will
What does D=mf x td find?
Beam Diameter
What does mf stand for in the above formula?
Multiplication factor
If you put gel into a fixture, how do you determine the footcandle output of that fixture?
Multiply footcandles by transmission value
How would you figure out how many fixtures you would need to light a stage?
Divide the stage dimensions by the diameter
WHat is standard voltage?
What fixture information should the plot contain?
unit #
Where are lighting fixture dimensions referenced to?
Center line
What is drafting paper called?
Which program are we going to use in this class?
How do moving light consoles make it easy to control fixtures?
ease of programming
WHat is a virtual console?
P.C based software
What are the two models of the ETC Express you will use?
24/48 and 48/96
What does blind mode allow you to do?
Edit cues without affecting the stage look
What is an active channel?
One that you have immediate level control over
How do you record a cue on the express?
Record, Cue, #, Enter
How does analog control work?
1 dimmer per wire
What revision of DMX is in use today?
DMX 512A
What is the significance of the break and MAB
Resist all device counters to Zero
If you are not using all 512 available channels of DMX do you need to send all 512 channels of information?
Why shouldnt DMX BE USED TO control PYRO
dmx is always refreshing
WHat is the minimum voltage difference needed to trigger a change in state?
200 millivolts
Control 512 Channels of Information
WHat is a Terminator and why is it used?
120 1/4 w resistor between pin 2 and 3 of a male connector
Name two DMX recievers
Dimmers and Moving Lights
Define Mood
The psychological reaction of the audience
Define Color
The visable spectrum
Define Movement
Change in color, Intensity and Direction
Define Direction
Relitive placement of the light to the subject
What are the 4 types of light
Incandensence, Luminasence, Phosperesence, Flouresence
What is meant by a Matte surface?
The surface spreads light in all directions
What is McCandless' theory of lighting
two front lights offset 45, One warm, One cool, One back light at 45
What are practical needs of a production that you have to take into account?
Time, Space, and money
What is a fixture list?
an Inventory of the fixtures needed for the production
What is the first thing you should do to prepare for a design?
Become familiar with the material