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This occurs when you hear an emphasis on a sound, note, tone, beat etc.
To hear a musical instrument naturally without electronic amplification.
An interruption in the flow of the music (usually allows space for fill-ins). Occurs when the music stops or pauses and then continues.
The steady pulse of the music (also referred as the heartbeat of the music)
Call & Response
A musical statement is performed by one player (or many); then, is followed by a musical response performed by one player (or many).
Three or more tones, notes or pitches played at the exact same time.
A full verse of a song ; when played from the beginning of a verse to end of a verse, one chorus is performed.
The section of music that ends a song
Comping (or Accompaniment)
Represents when one musician accompanies another (usually in the background); usually assigned to piano, guitar or chord playing instruments.
Playing two or more sounds that clash when sounded at the same time
Describes to "how loud" or "how soft" a musical performance can be.
Fill /Fill-Ins
Represents when a performer plays during an available pause in the music
Occurs when one or more tones, notes or pitches are played at the same time and sound pleasant.
Head / Head Melody
The first or initial melody played in a song
Slang term for any wind instrument in Jazz. (A wind instrument is any instrument played by using wind or breath from a player's mouth.)
Creating (making up) something (music) on the spur of the moment.
A group of sounds, tones notes or pitches that form a complete musical idea.(A musical sentence)
Motive / Phrase
A group of sounds, tones notes or pitches that form a short idea or part of a complete idea.
Note / Pitch / Tone
A single sound with specific tone or pitch (performed to be exact)
Two or more rhythms being performed at the same time
Represents when the musician or musicians makes no sound
(How the music acts) Represents the way the music moves around the beat. (Usually in a pattern)
Rhythm Section
All or part of the following: Piano, String Bass, Drum Set, Guitar collectively provide the rhythm of the music.
A phrase which repeats itself (can be performed by one single player or can be performed by many players)
A section of music that allows the smooth transition from one section to another
(for example, Music Section "A" -> "C" -> Music Section "B" ) ("C" = the Segue that allows the smooth transition to the next section)
Stop Time
The entire musical group rhythmically stops and starts exactly together. (usually plays a rhythmic phrase)
Placing an Accent on the up-beat. (When tapping one's foot the accent happens when the foot is raised up)
A short Coda. (Usually one note or a few notes)
Represents how fast or how slow the music is moving.
Represents how many players are performing (ex: few players = light texture) (many players= thick texture)
Timbre / Tone Color
Allows us to distinguish one sound from another sound.
(ex: Pianos from Saxophones, Tony Braxton's Voice from Madonna's Voice, Trumpet Growls from Trumpet Vibrato, etc.)
Chord Progression
Usually refers to Piano or Guitar Players - Refers to the manner in which the music moves (progresses) from one chord to the next chord.
Front Line
The three front horn players of a Dixieland band, who face the audience.
Monophonic (or Monophony)
One melody is performed by one or many players
Polyphonic (or Polyphony)
Two or more melodies being performed by one or many players
Creating a smooth waving sound with one's voice or instrument.