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Detailed list of goods shipped, with costs
data manipulation that combines two or more tables
a field that records uniquely to identify the record
Primary Key
field that relates to a record
foreign key
process of capturing company's expertise
knowledge management
type of database, not simple
network database
database that stores data and instructions
object-orientated database
DBMS capable of manipulating audio, video and data
object related database management system (OROBMS)
allows user to explore data
Online analytical porocessing (OLAP)
a database is altered so data entities are combined
planned data redundancy
form a data mining, combining historical data with future assumptions
predictive analysis
Manipulation that elmites colunms replacing with tables
collection of related data fields
database model that places elements in tables
relational database
database that holds duplicate set of used data
replicated database
description of entire database
standardized language for requesting information
Structured Query Database (SQL)
descripation of subset of the database
also called file managemt system. deposits redudant files in seperate files
traditional approach to data management
characteristic of an entity
processes output from front end
back end software
collection and analysis of competietors
competitive intelligence
two or more people access a database
concurrency control
detailed description of data in a specific database
data dictionary
to which data is maintained accurately
data integrity
data warehouse
data mart
single piece of datum (ex zip code)
data item
analysis that discovers of patterns and relationships in data mart
data mining
duplication of files
data redundancy
database that collects historical business information like products & consumers
data warehouse
organized data of related facts
skilled information system who directs activites
DBA - database administrator
group of program's that manipulate database, they store update data& create reports
DBMS database management system
generalized class of people, places , or things
models to show organization of relationships
entity-relationship diagram
typically name , number, compination of characters
collection of related records
file that has no relationships amoung records
flat file
part of a symtem that interacts directly with the user
front end software
database is organized in shape of a pyramid
hierarchial database