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Merit Pay
links teachers performance with their salary
expectancy of continued employment
Normal School
provided elementary graduates with formal training in teaching skills
the art and science of teaching (rather than subject mastery)
National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS)
formed to promote teaching excellence through recognition of superior, experienced teachers.
Collective Bargaining
all the teachers in school system bargaining as one group througha chosen representative.
Learning Styles
diverse ways of learning, comprehending, knowing
Locus of Control
when learners attribute success or failure to external factors (problems confusing, high score from guessing)
absolute statement applied to all members of a group (often characteristics)
offer information, clues about groups that can help you as a teacher plan more effectively
Emotional Intelligence
is a type of social intelligence that involves the ability to monitor one's own and other's emotions
placing special needs children in regular classrooms
Procedural due process
upholds the right of those with disabilities to protest a school's decisions about their education.
IEP Individualized education program
written for each child who receives special education services
set of learned beliefs, values, symbols, and behaviors, a way of life shared by members of a society
Deficit Theory
certain students do poorly in school because of their cultural, social, or linguistic background.
Bilingual Programs
programs where students attend classes in English & native language
Career Ladder
system designed to create different status levels for teachers by developing steps one can climb to receive increased pay through more responsibility or experience
Cultural Pluralism
acceptance and encouragement of cultural diversity
acquiring a culture
Multiple Intelligences
theory developed by Howard Gardner to expand the concept of human intelligence to include more areas
method of placing students according to their ability level in classesor learning experiences
Zero Reject
no child with disablities may be denied a free public education