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Similar to Maslow, Glasser suggest that we are all born with 5 primary________
Similar to Existential psychotherapy, the main focus of Reality Therapy is the patient's:
capacity to make choices
For Reality Therapy, Total Behavior includes all but one of the following components:
rewards & punishments
In Reality Therapy, like Psychoanalysis, the therapist utilizes the transference to understand how the patient manages relationships and past conflicts.
Reality Therapy does not place great emphasis on early childhood experiences and, instead, stays focused on present issues.
The focus of Reality Therapy is deeply tied to addressing the symptoms of mental d/os as represented in the DSM-IV.
Which of the following statements is most likely to be said by a Reality therapist?
are your behaviors getting you what you want?
Which of the following is not part of the WDEP system of REality Therapy?
A Reality therapist would be most interested in learning how a client is:
meeting their basic need
Reality therapy is grounded in which theory?
Choice Theory
For a Reality Therapist, developing a plan of action is guided by the _______ system.
The idea that change in one part of a system effects change in all other parts is called:
A tightrope walker can successfully balance on a wire beacause of a systems concept(s) called:
(b) dynamic equilibrium and (d) feedback
The idea that there is more than one way to create a specific problem or its solution is called:
The notion that the system as a whole is different from the sum of its parts is called:
From a systems theory perspective, psychopathology is understood as:
a process of behaviors that are played out between people and the context of their environment
Of equal importance to the definition of a system is its components and its________/
For family therapy, the Patient is:
the entire family as a whole
For Murray Bowen, psychopathology is:
a measure of lack of differentiation from the family ego-mass.
Bowen asserted that a dyad (two persons) effectively stabilizes conflict or tension by:
triangulating a third party
Bowen's term for a pictorial map of a families history of relationships is called:
Nathan Ackerman was most noted for his concept of:
role complementarity
Carl Whittaker asserted that persons were inhibited from becoming individual because of:
personal meanings and fantasies
Whittaker's approach to family therapy was sometimes called:
psychotherapy of the absurd
For Whittaker, it was important for people to recognize the______ of their fantasies before thy could change them.
When Whittaker tells a family about his own fantasies and thoughts he is using a technique called______ to give them permission to examine their own symbolic meanings.
seeding the unconscious
Salvador Minuchin's approach to family therapy is called:
Structural Family Therapy
Minuchin believed that a person's behavior is determined by:
the structure of social relations
Minuchin also believed that changes in a person's behavior are:
Which of the following would not be an example of joining, as per a Minuchin approach to family therapy?
reflective listening
The theorists credited with coining the term "conjoint therapy" is:
In Gottman's Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, which process involves calling the partner names?
According to Gottman, conflict in a marriage is:
an opportunity to share feelings and foster intimacy
A sound Marital House includes:
a marital friendship, positive sentiment override, conflict regulation, creating a shared meaning system (ALL)
A family who describes themselves as supportive and open to accepting each other's differences, but who is actually quite emotionally fragile and superficial, would be an example of: