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A collection of devices functioning together as a system is a ?
Instructions for a computer
computer program or software
1,000,000 memory locations is equal to one?
A dvd rom can store up to ?
Excel, Word or database are examples of what kind of software
An LCD monitor is also called a
flat panel monitor
The term c2c refers to
consumer selling to a consumer
What are the four basic computer operations or information processing cycle?
input, processing, output, storage
What is considered primary memory
A keyboard, mouse or scanner would be considered what type of device
input device
CD-RW stands for
Compact disc-rewritable
A_______is a collection of web pages
web site
Letters, numbers, raw facts and figures are called
Data that is organized is called
This is a set of instructions that tells the computer what to do
What does CPU stand for
central processing unit
What is RAM
random access memory
The process of writing addresses on tracts and sectors that allows for storage of info/data or prepares the diskette to receive info/data
Concentric circles made up of arcs called sectors
These are the small arcs that are next to each other and make up a track
Write to the _____then the ______
sector, track
The time it takes to access and retrieve data
Access time
one billion bytes are a ___
What is a LAN
local area network
This is the basis on which everything else works, it coordinates various hardwares
system software
This is a very important part of the system software, it tells the computer what to do
operating system
What is GUI
graphical user interface that provides visual cues like icons
a set of programs that tell a computer how to produce information and do specific things. Word processing, database, spreadsheets
application software
____software allows the user to enter, retrieve, and update data in an organized efficient manner
A _____ is a related collection of web pages
web site
THis is a program that allows you to create documents, letter, posters
word processor
Performs mathematical functions and produces useful info
Stores data and formulas, ability to label rows/columns, compute are advantages of what
a spreadsheet