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A user interface that communicates with the user with Graphics and Text (GUI)
Graphical User Interface
Means moving the mouse over an object and resting the mouse on something.
Means to press and release the primary mouse button.
This is shown at the bottom of the screen and has the Start button, Taskbar button area, and notifications.
This allows you to launch a program quicky.
Start Button
This indicates that there are submenus when pointing to a command.
Right Arrow
(...) indicates more information is required to execute a command.
This is pressing and releasing the secondary mouse button.
Right Click
This means you quickly press and release the left mouse button twice.
Double Click
The window that you are currently using or that is currently selected.
Active Window
Pressing this means the My Computer window is no longer displayed and recessed in dark blue.
Minimize Button
This maximizes a window so that it fills the entire screen of the monitor.
Maximize Button
This is on the title bar of a window and removes the taskbar button from the taskbar.
Close Button
Means to point to an item, press the left mouse button and hold it down to move the item to the desired location.
Means to point to an item, press the right mouse button and hold while you move the item to the desired location.
Right Drag
If you click this, Windows XP will move an icon from its current location to the new location.
Move Here
This command will reset everything you have done before you started the operation.
Cancel Command
An application Program included in Windows XP; allows you to view contents of the computer.
Windows Explorer
This command moves a folder and permanently removes it from its original location.
Move Here
Allows you to change the name of a folder.
Removes a file from the hard drive and places it in the Recycle Bin.
Delete Files
A full featured word processing program.
Microsoft Office Word 2003
A blinking vertical line and indicates where text will be inserted.
Insertion Point
The Spelling a Grammar icon checks grammar and spelling. Which color is for spelling and which is for grammar?
Green is Grammar and Red is Spelling
This allows you to type words in a paragraph without having to press enter at the end of a line.
Word Wrap
This is a saved document.
The name assigned to a file when it is saved.
File Name
The default alignment for paragraphs; flush with the left margin.
Left Aligned
Alignment in which the paragraph is flush with the right margin.
Right Aligned
This button allows you to cancel recent commands.
Undo Button
This allows you to place underscores under each letter of the text.
This is where the clip art is located and organized.
Clip Organizer
This includes both enlarging and reducing the size of a graphic.
Word selects a graphic by placing this around it.
Selection Rectangle
Each Selection rectangle has small squares on the corners to use for resizing.
Sizing Handles
In this; Word inserts a character and moves all of the other characters to the right.
Insert Mode
In this; Word replaces characters to the right of the insertion point.
Overtype Mode
This is a powerful spread sheet program allows the user to; organize data, calculate, graph data, and other things.
Microsoft Office Excel 2003
This is above the grid and identifies columns.
Column Heading
A number on the left side of the grid identifies the rows.
Row Heading
This is the insection of each row and column.
Each worksheet has this many cells.
16,777,216 cells
This is the cell in which you are entering data.
Active Cell
This function allows one to add all of the cells that are chosen.
SUM function
This is each adjusted cell reference.
Relative Reference
This involves creating a new cell by combining 2 or more cells together.
Merging Cells
This is a built-in selection of formats including; font size, font color, etc.
This is a chart that is drawn into the same worksheet as the data.
Embedded Chart
This is a powerful data base systen that allows you to create and process a data base.
Microsoft Office Access 2003
This contains information about a certain person, product, or event.
This contains specific information within a record.
This is a unique number given to only one record.
Unique identifier
The Unique identifier is also called what?
Primary Key
This automatically corrects common mistakes in Access as text is typed.
Auto Correct feature
This is the unique name given to each field.
Field Name
This indicates the type of data the field contains.
Data Type
This is a detailed description entered to describe the field.
Any characters; numbers, letters, etc.
The field can contain only what?
This key sets the size of the field.
F6 Key
This allows you to see the data contained in a form.
Form View
This is a professional presentation graphics program that allows you to create presentations.
Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003
The default slide layout in PowerPoint is what?
This contains one of many objects including; text, title, graphics etc. in a PowerPoint presentation.
These are boxes placed when you create a new slide.
This porvides consistency in design and color throughout a presentation in PowerPoint
Design Template