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What are the 6 ways of good communication?
What is posture in commincation?
-to keep your back straight so you have a healthy spine
What is breathing in commincation?
-breath slowly and deeply
What is pacing in communication?
-pace your words out while speaking
What is articulating in communication?
-speak clearly and precisly
What is emoting in communication?
-speak loudly
What is the tao sign?
-origninal symbol for the ultimate reality and mystery
How is Tao different from God?
-Tao has no personality and is not masculine
Why is the line in the tao sign not straight?
-becuase nature is not linear
What are the characteristics of Yin in the tao sign?
-black w/ a white circle
-quiet, receptive, and dark
-usually associated with women
What are the characteristics of Yang in the tao sign?
-White w/ a black circle
-fiery, passionate, creative
-usually associated w/ males