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constructing realities
ritual construction and representation; faith in reality; hypothesizing about reality and our cultural expierence (we are all intellectuals)
critics of existence
if we understand that reality is produced, then we can question it and transform it (we can become critics of existence)
reading the signs
symbolic resources, cultural signs, one cultural ritual is telling ourselves stories of ourselves, looking for the dominant languages in a culture and finding out whose interests are more served
the industrialization of meaning
the more brought about by the new media technology is a repetition of beliveable sterotypes rather then more varied versions of reality. These serve business and political interests more then our own interests.
no important difference between fabrication and reality
moreness, quantity, overexposure, surface, information overload
the desperation of orginality, ideas giving way to sensation
speed, busyness, urgency, and stress is the way that reality feels; constant contact; no time for the slowness and solitude of life necessary to be a critic of existence
tv teaches us to
move on, sensation becomes a habit that constitutes the structure of our culture
communication is
relational and participatory
relationships are
negotations of vales, marked by stake and power (todd kelshaw)
these value negations are on both local levels and social levels that are
intertwined with each other.
deliberation is
reflecting carefully on a matter
deliberation is a
self reinforcing process