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What is an abbreviated way to write the name of an element consisting of one capital letter or one capital letter and one or two small letters?
Chemical Symbol
What is the positively charged center of an atom?
What are the negatively charged particles that surround the nucleus in an atom?
What are the positively charged particles in a nucleus?
What are the neutral particles in a nucleus?
What is the number of protons in an atom's nucleus, used to identify the element?
atomic number
What are two different models of the atom?
Bohr model & Electron cloud model
How many electrons can the lowest energy level around a nucleus hold?
How many electrons can the second energy level around a nucleus hold?
What are the smaller particles that make up protons and neutrons?
What is the machine that is used to study quarks?
What is the sum of the number of protons and the number of neutrons in the nucleus of an atom?
mass number
What are atoms of the same element that have different numbers of neutrons?
What is the average mass of the mixture of its isotopes?
average atomic mass
What is the arrangement of elements into a chart of repeated patterns?
periodic table
What are the building blocks of matter?
What are the verticle columns on the periodic table?
groups or families
How many groups or families are there on the periodic table?
What uses the symbol of the element and dots to represent the electrons in the outer energy level?
dot diagram
What is group 18 on the periodic table, which contains elements that are stable, or unreactive, and contain outer energy levels that are full?
noble gases
What are the horizontal rows of elements in the periodic table?
Which elements typically exist as solids at room temperature, are shiny and are good conductors of heat electricity?
Which elements are usually gases at room temperature or are brittle solids and are not good conductors of heat or electricity?
Which elements have properties of both metals and nonmetals?
Which elements, in groups 3-12, are metals, but have properties not found in elements of other groups?
transition elements
What is an electron that is in the outer shell of an atom and is able to react with other atoms?
valence electrons