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RQ 8-2 What is the chain of command in an organization?
Chain of command the line of authority that extends from the highest to the lowest levels of an organization.
RQ 8-4 Describe how job rotations can be used to combat the problems caused by job specialization.
Job rotation the systematic shifting of employees from one job to another. Rotation relives boredom and dissatisfaction caused by specialization.
RQ8-7 What three steps are involved in delegation? Explain each.
The delegation process
1. Assign responsibility. Responsibility the duty to do a job or perform a task.
2. Grant Authority. The power, within an organization to accomplish the assigned job and task.
3. Assign accountability. The obligation of a worker to accomplish an assigned job or task.
RQ8-10 What are the key differences between line and staff positions.
Line management position. A position that is part of the chain of command and that includes direct responsibility for achieving the goals of the organization.
Staff management position is a specialist position created to provide support, advice and expertise within an organization. Lawyers, Environmental experts, Accounting experts, Tax experts.
1. What type of department basis is Baker’s Best using? Explain your answer.
Departmentalization by customer is used to organize its business unit. Restaurant, café, full service catering and corporate catering maintain its own manager, employee and reporting structures.
2. Why would and entrepreneur have difficulty learning to delegate authority as a small business grows bigger?
They have little experience delegating. They have a big stake and a lot to lose. They are used to managing every employee and making every decision.
3. Why would a very small business, such as the early Baker’s Best, have little need for staff positions?
When small the entrepreneur personally handles most (all) decisions and tasks and neither requires nor wants to pay for support or advice from people in staff positions. They hire accountants and lawyer only on an as needed basis, if at all. As they grow, maybe hire a human resources professional.