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the theroy of structuralism considered the building blocks of ideas, the most basic elements and the way ideas combine to form complex notions
john watson
proposed behaviorism which sought to identify the ways people learn through interactions with the environment.
focuses on the ways in which psychological processes helped humans adapt to their environment survive and prosper
gestalt theroy
gestalt means whole or configuration a function of patterns of whole being rather then simply a sum of parts
sigmund freud developed this theory. psychoanalysis focuses on unconscious conflicts and their resolutions to explain human behavior
psychologist today operate from a biopsychological stance contending that people and their behavior must be considered in the context of biological systems psychological processes and social influences
basic research
gaining knowledge and clarifying concepts with limited emphasis toward the applicability of the findings
applied research
active study or resolution of exisistng problems
case study
observing and docunenting specific details about one or more individuals
research in which questionnaires are completed by a large group of people