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Who directed "Broken Blossoms"?
D.W. Griffith
What was the date of release for "Broken Blossoms"?
Who actually released "Broken Blossoms" and why?
-D.W. Griffith.
-bought it from a studio
-the studio did not think the film was light enough to release it
Character name and actor name of the main male character in "Broken Blossoms"
The Yellow Man played by Richard Barthalmess
Character name and actress name of the main female character in "Broken Blossoms"
Lucy played by Lillian Gish
Medium shot =
Human figures can be seen from about the waist up
How is lighting used in "Broken Blossoms"?
Griffith uses soft filtered light on Lucy and the Yellow Man to create a sense of romance
Who directed Stagecoach?
John Ford
When was Stagecoach released?
Who produced Stagecoach
Welter Wanger