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The 2 characteristics necessary to generate electrical currents are?
1. excitability 2. conduction
The ability of muscle cells to respond to a certain stimulus is called?
Neuron cell processes that carry impulses toward the cell body are termed?
The control center of the cell is the?
The inside contents of the cell is called?
That portion of the cell that contains the nucleus is called?
the cell body
The neuron cell process that carries impulses away from the cell body is the?
The spaces between the myelin sheath are called?
Nodes of Ranvier
The fatty insulating substance formed by Schwann cells and forms a sheath on some neurons cell processes is called?
Myelin sheath
The terminating ends of the axon are called?
axon terminals
The structures found at the distal end of the axon terminals are called?
synaptic end bulbs
Electrolytes are separated by the ___ ___________, which acts as a semi-permeable membrane.
cell membrane
As electrolytes accumulate they form _____________ fields?
The electrical field outside the cell is _______?
This is primarily due to accumulation of ___________ ions?
the electrical field inside the cell is?
The membrane at rest is called ___ _________ ________; also known are the polarized state?
resting membrane potential
The voltage at rest is?
The ion of depolarization is?
the ion of repolarziation is?
Movement of current down an unmyelineated axom is called?
Continuous condution
Movement down a myelinated axon is called?
Saltatory conduction (because it jumps from node to node)
Neurotransmitter moves out of the synaptic end bulb by the process of?
The place where information is transferred from one neuron to another cell is the?
Which is formed by a neuron and another cell such as a glandular cell, a muscle cell or another?
Neurotransmitter is a?
chemical message
The functional unit of the nervous system is the?
reflex arc
Reflexes are rapid, predictable and?
the term that means "staying the same" and is a method to keep physiological changes within ranges is called?
A self-regulating system that reverses a change in a conrolled condition is a?
Negative feedback
The feedback loop uses the components of the reflex arc; the 3 components of the reflex arc are the?
1. receptor
2. integration center
3. effector
Negative feedback as used with the endocrine system is called the?
neuroendocrine response
Positive feedback differs from negative feedback in what way?
the response intensifies and reinforces the stimulus and increase in strength
both eht nervous system and the endocrine system are coordinated by the?
hypothalamus (found in the brain)
Glands the secrete their secretions into ducts are called?
exocrine glands (uses exocytosis to move substances)
Glands that secrete their secretions into interstitial fluid and then absorb by the blood are called the?
endocrine glands (uses exocytosis to move substances)
specific cells where hormones go so they may activate them are called?
target cells/tissue
When a hormone and a receptor combine they form a?
hormone-receptor complex
Thyroid hormone is important to help regulate?
The thyroid gland and its hormones are controlled by the?
Antidiuretic horomone causes water to be ____________ into the blood?
Aldosterone is responsible for maintaining levels of?
1. Sodium
2. chloride
3. potassium
Parathyroid hormone that causes blood calcium levels to be?
Calcitonin is a hormone that causes blood calcium levels to be?
The disease that is caused by low insulin levels is called?
Insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus
Hypersecrection of the thyroid gland can lead to?
Graves Disease
Hyposecretion of the thyroid gland can lead to ________ in infants.
Hyposecretion of the thyrod gland can lead to _______in adults?
Hypersecretion of growth hormone can lead to?
Hyposecretion of growth hormones can lead to?
Hypersecretion of glucocorticoids can lead to?
Cushings syndrome