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What were the causes to the Great Depression?
1) overproduction
2) Agricultural prices too low
3) Wealth in the hands of too few
4) American Stock Market crash

Problem: unemployment
John Mayard Keynes
Spend way out of a depression

Deficit spending
Public work projects
What was Liebenstraum?
(Living space) by Karl Haushofer

Nation's power depended on amount and kind of land it occupied
Who influenced Hitler?
Georg Von Schoner: Pan-Germanic movement
Karl Leuger: Anti-semetic, leader of mass movements and propaganda
Adolf Lang: Catholic monk who wrote anti-semetic lit.
What happend at Beer Hall Putsch?
Try to overthrow Wimar Rep.
November 8 1923
Hitler was sent to prison
What were the Nurenberg Laws?
Exclude Jews from citizenship and intermarriage
What happened during Kristallnacht?
Retaliation by Germans for assassination of German minister in Paris by a Jew
What is Dadaism?
Concept of w. culture
Protest against the barbarism of the war
No purpose for art/life
What is Surrealism?
Fascination w/ subconscious.
Who was Carl Jung?
Who was Ernest?
Who was Heisenburg
Jung- new though (all one collective mind)
Ernest- Atom could be split
Heisenburg- uncertainty principle
Mass Leisure and Culture.
The Roaring Twenties
Sports (World cup)
State sponsored leisure
(Italy Dopolavoro)
Germany (Strength through joy)
What was the Weimar Republic?
The republic established in Germany after WWI.
What did "women in the home" mean?
Encourage women to stay at home and have babies to increase population.
Hitler Jugend
Hitler's youth programs.
What were the Lateran Accords?
Independence of Vatican City
Papcy recognized Itl States
What were the Squadristi
Private Italian militia (black shirts)
What was Mein Kamph and what ideas were in it?
It was Hitler's biography

German nationalism
Social Darwinism (Lebenstruam)
Which countries were democratic? Fascist? Auth?
Dem: France and GB and Low countries
Fascims: Itlay and Germany
Auth: Russia
What were the principles of totalitarianism?
It might have started as old-fashiln dictatorship
Went beyond passive obedience
Conquer mind and heart through propaganda and mass communication
Control intellectual and culture.
Purpose: have control of masses for total achievement
No more individual rights
Police control
What was the Acerbo Law?
Parl enacted the Acerbo Laws which stated that any party winning at lease 25% of votes would automatically have 2/3 of seats in parl.
Industrialization (Russian0
Called for 200% increase in production
Treason if quotas not met
Crisis of 1928
Ukrainian Famine
Who was Oswald Spengler?
He was a Pro-Nazi historian who confirmed that Aryans were a superior race.